Get to Know Me Monday – No. 2


Ah yes, distractions. The bane of the reader. The enemy of the bibliophile. The arch-nemesis of the bookworm! Finding time to read can be challenging. Staying focused on a book in this digital era can be nigh impossible.

When I was a youngster the internet didn’t exist. Smartphones? Please. I don’t think we owned a cordless phone until I was in high school. (Am I dating myself? Fine by me.) Reading time was quiet and easy. All I needed was a book and a space. My favorite spot was by the water. I’d grab a book, a towel, and a pair of sunglasses. It was nothing to spend a whole day on the dock reading my little heart out.

How times have changed! There were obvious adjustments – I became an adult with all of the complications that are involved in doing so. There are things I didn’t expect – my attention span has decreased as I’ve gotten deeper into my 40s. What a fun discovery that has been.

The distractions that get to me, in no particular order are:

  1. Phone – they are made to be addictive. I’m not immune to those little bursts of dopamine.
  2. Netflix (Hulu, CBS All Access, Prime) – Television is delightful. It’s another way to shove more stories into my head.
  3. Age – I mentioned my attention span above. Let me also warn you about how sore a body can become while hanging out in the same position for too long. Enjoy those young joints, kids.
  4. Interruptions – Another thing I’ve learned about aging is that it’s harder to get back to your book when you’ve been interrupted. If I’m asked a question it takes longer to get back into that good reading zone than it used to.
  5. Noises – Thank goodness for fans and/or white noise machines. If I don’t have something to block out ambient noise it’s all over.

I hope you’ll share some of your distractions with me in the comments! More importantly, I’d be thrilled if you’d post some of your solutions! Please?

7 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Monday – No. 2

  1. Sometimes i think this is why I love audiobooks so much – they provide a great imagination interaction while I’m doing the tedious thing, and I can get through them without becoming distracted by other things.


  2. I’m trying to be better about the manageable distractions, but I’m having trouble with age. Approximate conversation with my husband over the weekend:

    Me: I used to do (thing), (thing) and (other thing). All in a week!
    Him: The was twenty years ago, when you were twenty years younger.
    Me: Curse your logic…


  3. Giving myself dedicated times of day to read has been helpful to me. In the olden times, I took a bus to work, which meant that I reliably had twenty minutes of reading time before and after my work day. Now I am kind of struggling to replace that feeling, since I’m home all the time and no longer have the commute. I try to give myself a pretend commute — thirty minutes between doing my morning routine and starting my work day where I typically just sit in my comfy chair and read. It’s nice!

    Oh, and I also started reading with dinner, rather than watching TV with dinner. It is amazing how much better it makes me feel.


  4. Uhmmm…America right now? The 24 hour news cycle- even though few things change that fast. If I’m at the computer, I’m clicking on CNN and NYT multiple times a day. Mostly in the hopes that the president is dead, but still.


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