Get to Know Me Monday – No. 2


Ah yes, distractions. The bane of the reader. The enemy of the bibliophile. The arch-nemesis of the bookworm! Finding time to read can be challenging. Staying focused on a book in this digital era can be nigh impossible.

When I was a youngster the internet didn’t exist. Smartphones? Please. I don’t think we owned a cordless phone until I was in high school. (Am I dating myself? Fine by me.) Reading time was quiet and easy. All I needed was a book and a space. My favorite spot was by the water. I’d grab a book, a towel, and a pair of sunglasses. It was nothing to spend a whole day on the dock reading my little heart out.

How times have changed! There were obvious adjustments – I became an adult with all of the complications that are involved in doing so. There are things I didn’t expect – my attention span has decreased as I’ve gotten deeper into my 40s. What a fun discovery that has been.

The distractions that get to me, in no particular order are:

  1. Phone – they are made to be addictive. I’m not immune to those little bursts of dopamine.
  2. Netflix (Hulu, CBS All Access, Prime) – Television is delightful. It’s another way to shove more stories into my head.
  3. Age – I mentioned my attention span above. Let me also warn you about how sore a body can become while hanging out in the same position for too long. Enjoy those young joints, kids.
  4. Interruptions – Another thing I’ve learned about aging is that it’s harder to get back to your book when you’ve been interrupted. If I’m asked a question it takes longer to get back into that good reading zone than it used to.
  5. Noises – Thank goodness for fans and/or white noise machines. If I don’t have something to block out ambient noise it’s all over.

I hope you’ll share some of your distractions with me in the comments! More importantly, I’d be thrilled if you’d post some of your solutions! Please?