Reactions to Recent Reads 03/01/13

A book about the PLAGUE! Ew indeed. Fabulous read.Β 

I abandoned this one. Disappointed. Boo.

AMAZING. America at its best and worst. Erik Larson writes the best nonfiction.

30 thoughts on “Reactions to Recent Reads 03/01/13

  1. I completely agree about Mr. Prenumbra's; however, I did finish it. I think it really fell off at the end. I didn't like Larson's book at all though. I thought he just went on and on and on about little details and I lost interest. I still want to try another of his books.& I tried reading one of Brooks's other titles and couldn't get into it either. Perhaps this one was a little different? I'm certainly a fan of historical fiction and the plague!


  2. I haven't read any of these, but I'm putting Devil in the White City on my list! I read In the Garden of Beasts by Larson and liked it, and this one sounds like a really interesting premise!


  3. You crack me up with these gifs πŸ™‚ That expression on Zoey's (is that Zoey?) face is pretty much what I look like on Monday mornings at work.I've been wanting to read Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks and I also want to read Erik Larson. I'm glad you thought it was amazing!I added the 'follow by email option' at my blog, just for you Miss Thing! Have a good weekend πŸ™‚


  4. I was hoping that Penumbra's would be about books. Wrong, lol. I mean, it is…sorta ;)Do you ever wonder what makes a book work for one person and not for another? I know we all have different tastes..but why? I'm all about nerdy facts and details, but I don't know why! I've seen hit and miss reviews for a few of Brooks's books. I *think* this was the only one of hers that I've read though.


  5. Gif hunting is a blast ;)I hope you do get to both of those, they are both great reads.Thanks for adding that Naida! Of course there is something wrong with the feed burner tonight and it won't let me follow but I'll give in another whirl tomorrow!


  6. I loved Year of Wonder too. I visited the place where it really happened years ago, so that made it even more interesting to read the book.


  7. That's quite a reaction by Emma Watson, I'm wondering what that was about! Year of Wonders sounds a strange title for a book about the plague, I guess there's goodness in it somewhere.


  8. So glad you enjoyed Year of Wonders! And yes, The Devil and the White City is a fantastic book. His most recent book is supposed to be equally outstanding. Boo to Mr. Penumbra's! I've been hearing such great things about it and even have a copy waiting for me. I guess I'm not so anxious or feel guilty about waiting to read it. Have a great week!


  9. Oh you had me at Plague. I'm going to have to read that now! I'm sorry Mr. Penumbra wasn't for you- I found it rather whimsical. The Devil in the White City I thought was great read overall, but there was a LOT of discussion of ornamental grasses… I like gardening even, and it was a bit much for me at some points. Now I'm thinking about ice cream because ice cream cones were one of the brain children of that Chicago World's Fair…


  10. I read Larson's latest (In the Garden of Beasts)and loved it! I'd really like to get to his other books at some point. Yea, darn book. I had high hopes. I expected something entirely different which is probably what did the book in for me. You might love it!


  11. Ha ha, ornamental grasses! True πŸ˜‰ I loved the perfectionism of that head landscaper though. (I want to say his name was Olmstead? Don't quote me) So many awesome things came out of that World's Fair! Cracker Jack, zippers, the first Ferris wheel…I could go on and on


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