Ain’t nobody got time for that!

After an amazing January I’ve hit a bit of a bump here in the beginning of February. You know what burns my biscuits? Reading a book that I can’t manage to finish. Time suckers! Hmph.

Yes. Yes I did.

A book about bookstores. What could go wrong? To be honest, each essay was lovely. But by the time I got to the 6th piece I was yawning. It was basically the same story, over and over. Rats.
Historical fiction featuring a beloved writer as a young girl! That’s right up my alley! Nope. This happened,  and then that happened,  and then this happened. All tell and no show. Bummer. I made it almost to the half-way mark before I gave up.
My nerves started jangling when a blurb compared this to a Nicholas Sparks book. Uh oh. Please don’t be cheesetastic, please! I’ve only read a chapter or two of this one and I haven’t given up. Yet. I think I need someone out there to tell me that this is worth my time. Does anyone have an encouraging word or two? 
I started something new tonight (The Midwife’s Tale) that I have high hopes for. Cross your fingers for me.