Ain’t nobody got time for that!

After an amazing January I’ve hit a bit of a bump here in the beginning of February. You know what burns my biscuits? Reading a book that I can’t manage to finish. Time suckers! Hmph.

Yes. Yes I did.

A book about bookstores. What could go wrong? To be honest, each essay was lovely. But by the time I got to the 6th piece I was yawning. It was basically the same story, over and over. Rats.
Historical fiction featuring a beloved writer as a young girl! That’s right up my alley! Nope. This happened,  and then that happened,  and then this happened. All tell and no show. Bummer. I made it almost to the half-way mark before I gave up.
My nerves started jangling when a blurb compared this to a Nicholas Sparks book. Uh oh. Please don’t be cheesetastic, please! I’ve only read a chapter or two of this one and I haven’t given up. Yet. I think I need someone out there to tell me that this is worth my time. Does anyone have an encouraging word or two? 
I started something new tonight (The Midwife’s Tale) that I have high hopes for. Cross your fingers for me.

28 thoughts on “Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  1. Well, I understand that feeling. You look the book with anger everytime you have time for reading because you want to read, but you dont want to read THAT book ;)I have only given up a few titles in all my life, and then I can't undestand why other reviews say the book was good. Sorry? Are we talking about the same book? Sure????So good luck with your next choice!


  2. I so completely feel your pain. I'm reading The Round House now. It started out fantastic and now there is just this little slump and I'm finding myself dreaming about all the other books waiting for me and I'm getting crabby about it. I'll finish this one though because I'm more than 2/3 through. I hope my Feb picks up.


  3. Haha! I get that feeling, I do. Right now, it's just a time thing. I haven't had a chance to read in a week. :(Of course, last night I went home, fell asleep without supper at about 6 and slept through the night, so I'm not sure what's going on with me. Obviously I needed it, but I didn't do ALL THE THINGS. *sigh*


  4. Same here—good reading in January (7 books!) and then total stall out in February. Still working on my first book of the month. I just got really busy, at my FT day job all day, then meeting/rehearsal/show every night. It's good stuff, but… sigh. Everything is finally back in full swing after a fairly long and mellow winter holiday break. Good luck with \”The Midwife's Tale\”!


  5. The very same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I started off January strong and blitzed through six amazing books, and then WHAM, I couldn't finish anything and read the first 20-60 pages of four different books before settling on one. Hopefully your reading luck will pick up soon!


  6. Heck yes, bad books take too much time. In a way I'm surprised to hear about the Min because her past work has been pretty good, but at the same time they can get very heavy or drag. I've wanted to read Pearl for a few years, but something put me off.


  7. I've heard great things about The Promise of Stardust, so I'll be curious to see if you finish it and enjoy it. Hang in there, girl. You'll get your reading mojo back!


  8. I can't remember if I've read any of her other books. I didn't think so but her author photo looks so familiar. Who knows! It's hard to keep track! 😉 You might end up liking this one Charlie. I'll look forward to hearing what you think if you end up reading it.


  9. Haha, fun post. I hate DNF time suckers. I enjoyed The Midwifes Tale, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it.Now I have the tune 'aint nobody got time for that' stuck in my head! Lol


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