Midwestern Book Bloggers…are totally the coolest

Well looky here! A group just for the awesome book bloggers that come out the the most awesome part of an awesome country! I stumbled upon this yesterday and OMG I’m so excited!

If you don’t get this reference you are too damn young.

I love books and I love the hell out of the Midwest and I’m gonna get myself listed on this directory just as fast I can. Are you from one of the great Midwestern states? You should go check it out too.

11 thoughts on “Midwestern Book Bloggers…are totally the coolest

  1. Who took New York out of the Midwest? Seriously I have heard Buffalo NY described as the beginning of the American Midwest. I am only 330.2 (straight line) miles from Buffalo. This makes me close, right?


  2. Hmm, I've honestly never thought of New York as being in the Midwest Brian. New York seems like it doesn't belong to any group for some reason? But when I do think of NY I think of it as one of those Eastern states πŸ˜‰


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