Midwestern Book Bloggers…are totally the coolest

Well looky here! A group just for the awesome book bloggers that come out the the most awesome part of an awesome country! I stumbled upon this yesterday and OMG I’m so excited!

If you don’t get this reference you are too damn young.

I love books and I love the hell out of the Midwest and I’m gonna get myself listed on this directory just as fast I can. Are you from one of the great Midwestern states? You should go check it out too.

Lit Bits 9/7/12

Ah, Little Golden Books. They bring back such good memories of my early reading days. You can read about the history of these golden spined gems here at Mental Floss.
Drunk texts from famous authors from The Paris Review. Kinda hilarious
Soundtracks for books? I don’t know, seems a little too fancy pants for this girl
Writer Food from A to Z..mmmmm! Bread with Emily? Baked apples with Dickens? 
Famous Authors’ Adorable School Photos per Flavorwire. Isn’t Jack Kerouac dreamy?

Happy Friday everyone! What are you reading? I’m being swept along with Scarlett in Gone With the Wind for the read along at Fanda ClassicLit. I know I’ll be done with it long before the November 7th ending date because I can’t put it down! I’ve read it before and it’s just as glorious as I remember. 
Have a great weekend. Go read something awesome. Wait wait, before you do that you should probably comment here. Validate me dammit!