8 thoughts on “The 2012 Man Booker Prize Long List

  1. Thanks for posting this! Yours was the first announcement I heard about it. (Found your blog on LibraryThing just now.)


  2. I also get a little excited when this and some other lists are announced. I also get tiny, tiny twinge of frustration (and maybe even anxiety). I realize that there are now more books that I do not have time to get to!Seriously, this looks like a list of great books.


  3. I really like the Booker and tend to have better luck with its winners than an award like the Pulitzer. Sadly, I'd heard of very few books from this year's list. Gives me a bit more motivation to catch up on Mantel's books.


  4. The Booker winners seem to be a bit more easy to relate to or something like that? I *just* picked up Bring up the Bodies at the library 10 minutes ago, but other than that I haven't read the others! I think that some of them aren't even released yet, so don't feel too bad :)Thanks for stopping by!


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