Lit Bits 07/24/12

I’m trying to figure out this Bookbrowsr site that I stumbled upon. Is this old news? Am I late to the party? Check it out, it might turn out to be cool. Anything that helps me find my next read can’t be a bad thing right? Because you know my tbr pile is itsy bitsy. That, my friends, was sarcasm.

I first saw the following on the Mighty Girl site: 
in 1971, the city of Troy, Michigan opened a new public library and hired Marguerite Hart as their first children’s librarian. In an effort to inspire the children of Troy to read, she began a letter-writing campaign to dozens of major cultural figures asking them to share what a library meant to them. She received 97 letters in return. 

You can see the full collections of these amazing letters here: Letters to the children of Troy 

You’ve probably seen the above letter from Dr. Seuss floating around the internet. 
I can’t think of better advice than that!

Did you know that Liza Klaussmann, author of Tigers in Red Weather, is Herman Melville’s great-great-great granddaughter? I didn’t! Meet the modern descendants of your favorite authors over at Flavorwire

Get ready to dive into a stack of books this fall by checking out Amazon’s Big Fall Book Preview. There are a number of titles there that I’m looking forward to. Especially Ken Follet’s Winter of the World. I am simply wild about his work. 

Happy Reading!!!

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11 thoughts on “Lit Bits 07/24/12

  1. Hey Neighbor 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my site and for adding another book to my TBR list! I didn't know Ken Follet had a new book, I can't wait to curl up with that on a cold winter night. I have to read those really long books in the fall/winter. Love to get lost in them! Thanks for sharing!Jen C


  2. I just finished Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. I had never ready any Ken Follet. Found myself staying up too late, so wrapped up in the characters, relationships and settings.


  3. I hear you there Michelle! I keep writing down more and more titles on any scrap of paper I can find around my desk. I'm drowning in them 😉 I don't know if I've followed your blog yet…I'm off to do so!


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