The Relentless Weekly – Oct. 09, 2020

Good day & happy Friday, readers. Wanna know what’s been up in my neck of the woods? Here we go…

Reading: I’m currently listening to The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. I asked for witchy book recommendations on Twitter, and Twitter delivered. I’m hoping to read at least one more witch themed book before spooky season is over.

Watching: I finished the latest season of Call the Midwife, I continue to watch Supernatural with Mike, and The Great British Baking Show is back! Hooray!

Then, of course, there were the recent Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. I watched them because I strive to be an informed citizen. Nowadays that feels like pouring bleach directly into my eyes. I was going to ask for your advice on how to find a balance, but forget it. I know I wouldn’t follow the advice. Perhaps I’m a glutton for punishment? Let’s call it a glutton for information, that sounds better.

Celebrating: I’ve accepted a new gig! I’m looking forward to helping families again. I’ll share more details soon.

Inking: I decided to get a small tattoo tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg – a feminist icon, my personal hero, a notorious dissenter. May her memory be a revolution.

Wondering: How was your week? Are you enjoying the cooler weather? Are you reading something spooky? Did you watch the bonkers debates? Tell me all about it!

11 thoughts on “The Relentless Weekly – Oct. 09, 2020

  1. We watched the VP debate with the help of some beer. 😁 I actually feel a little bit better about my vote after watching it.

    We had a teaser of cooler weather. I’ll be glad when it’s back for a longer stretch of time!


  2. TBH, I skipped the debates in 2016 because I didn’t feel like they would inform me of anything I didn’t already know, and ditto this year, perhaps even more, because there’s absolutely nothing that would get me to vote for the Prumpster.

    So I’ll match your almost-80 degree day and raise you today’s 95+. πŸ˜€


  3. I voted and dropped my ballot off at City Hall. It is amazing how much your mental health improves once you do that and know that you did your part. I also signed up to be an election/poll inspector and already received notification from the city. It is my little fuck you to Tr*mp. He wants his lackeys to watch the polls. How about someone who detests the very air he breathes?


  4. I’ll start with the happy- I’m loving my first fall in the Midwest. Sunny but chilly so even if I’m not leaving the house I can wear layers!

    I love the tattoo and that you strive to be informed. I’m too emotionally fragile for the shenanigans. Plus, neither Pence or the fat lunatic would know the truth if it danced naked in front of them. I’ve already voted and am going to be volunteering on Election day so I’m as ready as I can be.

    I can’t wait to hear more about your new job!


    1. Isn’t fall lovely here? It’s my very favorite time. The colors, the crisp air… sigh, it’s all so nice!

      I’ve seen a meme circulating for the last couple of years about how wanting to be informed is a sure way to lose your mind. Sigh, my mind is gone πŸ˜‰


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