The Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 01/17/2016

Good gravy, don’t the weeks seem to be flying by? Every time I turn around it seems to be Sunday once again.

I know. I sound old.

I made a really yummy cheeseburger casserole. It was the first time I made it and I’ll definitely make it again. It’s very Midwestern, it’s very flavorful. I’ll make a tweak or two (more noodles, crushed tomatoes instead of diced) but it got an A from everyone here.

I’m not doing much of this. Unfortunately. 

The streak of not being able to focus on a book continues. I’m supposed to be reading Hamilton. I was supposed to join in #24in48 this weekend. Blerg.

…about going on a social media break. I don’t want to make a big damn deal about it but I think part of my focus problem has to do with the never ending stream of information that is literally at my fingertips. I’m going to start by re-reading Emily’s great post: Curating Your Digital Life

Crushing on Trip is my life right now.

I’m on season 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise. It’s definitely not as bad as rumors would have you believe. Now that I’ve hit the 3rd season I can see what the show could have/should have been from the beginning. What a shame that it was cancelled right as it hit its stride.

I also gobbled up all of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The episodes are short and most of them are hilarious.

So DONE with this week.

In Conclusion: 
If I’m honest this wasn’t the greatest week. I was sick. I didn’t read. The Packers lost in a heartbreaking overtime game last night. Sob. Let’s move on to next week, shall we? It has to be better.

Your Mission:
Tell me what you’ve been up to this week! Tell me a cheesy joke! Brag about something amazing! Make me smile!

22 thoughts on “The Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 01/17/2016

  1. I read a book!!! There's my brag. One book but I read it. :)One thing that has helped me is taking the Facebook app off my phone. It's so freeing. Really. I only check Facebook when I'm on my laptop, which is sometimes at night, but often only on the weekends, especially when I post to The Sunday Salon. I am going to go read Emily's post to see what more I can do (although I know having app notifications turned off is a big help too).


  2. I really missed seeing you in Redbery on Friday! It's always so much fun catching up with you and sharing bookish ideas. Hope you're feeling MUCH better this week. I'm listening to \”The Night Circus\” and loving it!


  3. I was planning to make Hamburger Mac today but your casserole sounds much better and I have all the ingredients! Gonna put it together and bake it when I get home.


  4. Poor Packers were screwed by those stupid NFL overtime rules. I wish they were do something like the college level does, giving each team a chance. Now we're down to which team do we dislike the least to cheer for!


  5. Aww, I'm sorry about Green Bay! There have been a lot of playoff games this season that have seemed okay at first and then gone all to pieces at the end. I was rooting for the Panthers yesterday, and it seriously looked like they were going to lose to the Seahawks at the end of that game. And I'd have to watch the damn Seahawks at another damn Super Bowl (I love the Cards but no way they could beat Seattle). It's been a super weird season altogether.


  6. I know I tend to check my phone and stuff kind of a lot when I'm reading, which is bad. But then sometimes it ends up being a good thing because it wakes me up. But yeah, a social media break once in a while is probably a good thing 🙂


  7. That Seahawk/Panther game was one of those in which I wished for Godzilla to come and stomp the whole place down, ha ha! It HAS been a super weird season. I'm sad that it's over. It's always so damn long to wait for the next season to start 😉


  8. I can't even on that game. This is what, the second time in three years this has happened to us during playoffs? F the NFL overtime rules. Why don't you just delete the social media that is causing you such stress? Seriously. You don't NEED it. We've lived most of our life without it. Nothing that should be fun should cause you stress. Good luck!


  9. I did the same thug with Bout of Books. Made a post and everything. Then during the actual week, I didn't get to read much past what I assigned my classes. Ugh.


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