It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 01/11/16

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I finished Between the World and Me. Putting my feelings about this book into words might not be possible. One thing I can say for sure is that everyone should read it. Everyone.
Currently Reading: 
I started this chunky monkey last night. I love a good bio and Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow is rumored to be one of the best. I’m reading it along with a bunch of other groovy bloggers as part of #HamAlong hosted by Reading Rambo.
I got my hands on Vol. 4 of Ms. Marvel and I’m almost positive I’ll be sneaking it in at some point this week. I’m surprised that I didn’t gobble it up on the day it came. Delayed gratification, people!
As I type this it is 22 BELOW ZERO in my small Wisconsin town. I’m hoping not to leave the house today, brrrr. I hope you’re staying warm! Have a bitchin’ week, you gorgeous book lovers.

15 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 01/11/16

  1. Ouch that is so cold. I can't even imagine it. Goes to zero here and I think that's cold. We use centigrate so that would be 32 F. Nice to be reading a book along with others, helps to discuss and stay motivated I'm sure.


  2. I had SUCH a hard time formulating words on Between the World and Me. I ended up doing a little mini review that basically just said \”read it, dammit.\”


  3. I feel the same way about Between the World and Me. My review is more a meditation on thoughts, but I agree. And this reminds me: why has my library not cataloged Ms. Marvel 4 yet? Must read!


  4. Twenty two degrees below zero! What the hell! That's no fit temperature for man nor beast! You poor things up far there in the north, all cold! I hope you are keeping warm and cuddling up under your blankets with your books, and eating plenty of lovely hot soup.


  5. Ah, welcome to winter in Wisconsin! I honestly don't mind these subzero days. I know – weird. They make me feel alive, probably because it hurts to be outside no matter how many layers of clothing and outerwear you have on.


  6. I just finished Between the World and Me too! And I also don't know what to say! Like there are no words. He has them all and they're so so important. I stopped bookmarking things in it after a while bc I realized I was just highlighting the entire book.


  7. Haha, I felt the same way about Between the World and Me! I don't know if you saw my review awhile back, but I'd highly recommend checking out Rick Riordan's review of Between the World and Me, which I link to. It was awesome!


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