The Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 12/13/15

Welcome to my week! Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I reviewed The Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks. Spoiler alert: I liked it!

I didn’t make anything new or exciting this week. Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili from Skinnytaste made an appearance, as it will every other few weeks all winter long. (Easy, tasty, healthy!)

I finished Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy late last night. What a stunner! (I can’t believe I didn’t read it when it first came out last year.)

You may know that I’m in the process of watching every bit of Star Trek that’s ever been released. I’m currently watching the last season of Voyager. As far as television series I’ll only have Enterprise left. I’m nervous to watch that poor, much maligned show. Can it really be as bad as everyone says?

Pretty baby Myrtle made an appearance this week. Isn’t she the sweetest? She’s our quiet kitten.  She mostly keeps to herself and doesn’t usually sit for photos.

Did you all see that crazy, #MotownMiracle, unbelievable last play of the Packer/Detroit game last week? Wow. I don’t know if I’ve ever been made happier by a football game. A walk off hail Mary touchdown? Amazing. (I still get goosebumps when I watch it, wheee!) I hope we can handle the Cowboys today. Fingers crossed.

That’s all from me this week. I’m off to make a grocery list and scrub my kitchen sink. It’s never ending glamour around here. What are you up to? What did you cook/blog/read this week? Let me know!

15 thoughts on “The Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 12/13/15

  1. Cook? Well, I'll be cooking an omelette this morning. Blog? A couple of things. Go to my blog to see. 🙂 Read? Nada. I'm waiting for several books to come in from the library.As for what I'm up to – besides 5-foot-7-inches (I know! I slay myself!) – not much. Chilling today to music, reading Sunday Salon and other book bloggish posts. That crock pot chili looks good, I passed the recipe on to my wife.


  2. Not much cooking here last week, but that Chicken Taco Chili looks amazing. I love skinnytaste recipes! Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy has been on my wish list since it was released… guess I need to bump it up. I finally read Brown Girl Dreaming this week and loved it. Just a couple of #AMonthofFaves posts on the blog last week. Hopefully more this week… have a good one 🙂


  3. All glamour here, as well. No cooking, but I'm going to keep trying to get the husband to whip up some enchilada soup. I posted a recipe on FB, a couple years ago, and my mother-in-law served it (with thanks to me for posting) on our Thanksgiving holiday. Now that we know it's so good, we obviously need to make it . . . but husband does the cooking and he keeps leaving town. I'm binge-watching the 1995 version of Pride & Prejudice, tonight and will read when that's over. I passed up reviewing Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy. Mistake?


  4. Mmm, enchilada soup! That sounds amazing. I'll have to go stalk your social media to find the recipe 😉 Oh, love that version of P&P, it's been much too long since I've watched (or read!) it. I hate to have to tell you this, but yes. It was a mistake to pass on that book. Go get a copy, quick!


  5. I did see that crazy play! That is what I love about football! I cannot face the fact that football time is nearly over. I love it so much, I don't want it to go awayyyyyyy, and that's still true even though this has been a really unfun season for my beloved darling Saints.


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