Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2015

February. The much-maligned, long-even-though-it’s-short, coldest, snowiest, and blergiest month. You’d think I’d like this month more than I do. After all, my birthday is in February! But no, I’m always more than happy to move on to March.Β 
Even though it’s a tough month for other reasons, I did manage to read some great books:

The Wonders by Paddy O’Reilly

The Evening Chorus by Helen Humphreys

Golden State by Stephanie Kegan

Etta and Otto and Russell and James by Emma Hooper

The Thing About Great White Sharks by Rebecca Adams Wright

Delicious Foods by James Hannaham

This House is Not for Sale by E.C. Osundu

Whisper Hollow by Chris Cander

The Wonder Garden by Lauren

I’m sad to report that I didn’t read a single nonfiction book in February. WHAT? Hmph. That makes me feel a little grumpy.

Choosing a favorite feels as difficult as usual. I can’t choose one because I was equally smitten with The Wonder Garden and Delicious Foods. You really need to get your hands on those two books.


How was your month? What are you looking forward to reading in March?

32 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2015

  1. February: The Blergiest Month. That is how we must refer to it from now on.It's a nice problem to not be able to choose between two favorite books, isn't it? I'm off to make my tbr list cry a little bit more…:)


  2. I really liked Golden State as well – it wasn't what I expected, but I think once I came to terms with that, it made me like it more. I've also added Delicious Foods to my \”read before end of year\” TBR list!


  3. Golden State was one that I picked up and dove into without even reading the synopsis, lol. I had no idea what to expect and I was very happy with what I found! Delicious Foods was really, really good.


  4. Oh Happy Belated Birthday! Ok, I need to look for your review of The Wonder Garden because I'm really intrigued by that one. Looks like had a fabulous month. I have the Etta & Otto book on my shelf but just haven't gotten to it. Here's to a great reading month in March!


  5. I haven't read ANY of these…so I feel kind of weird. Hahahao. I love your gif though, for March! I want to use it but idk where πŸ˜› Glad you had a good month, hope u get to read some nonfic in March! I'm reading an arc of Pagans — it's really good I normally don't read nonfiction but I'm reading two. That and The Organic Artist. πŸ™‚ -Diamond @ Dee's Reads My Feb Wrap-Up


  6. The fiction has been hot and heavy around here, no lie. The bummer is that I haven't read a nonfiction in much too long! :/ I know what you mean about March, it's not much more of a picnic than February. Is it spring yet?? πŸ˜‰


  7. I've had my eye on Delicious Foods for a while now. I can't wait to try it out!Also, if \”blergiest\” isn't in the dictionary, it totally should be. πŸ™‚


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