The Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 10/05/14

On the Blog:
You can find my September wrap-up post here. It was a pretty good month. I’m nowhere near the crazy numbers I put up in 2013 but I’m on the upswing.

I shared my favorite potato soup recipe for Weekend Cooking.


The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

Currently Reading:

Brutal Youth by Anthony Breznican


Yup. I roll like Ron Swanson. I read what I want.

Around the Blogosphere:

Aww shucks

Rhiannon, of Ivory Owl Reviews, recently put together a list of “115 Book Bloggers You Should be Following”. I was honored to see The Relentless Reader on the list. I hope you’ll check it out! Also, don’t forget to check out the blogroll in my sidebar to see some of my all time favorite blogs.

It’s almost time for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon! Have you signed up? 

In My Neck of the Woods:

While the menfolk in my family were off being menfolk (Spitting? Cursing? Being manly? I don’t know.) the girl child and I drove to Stone Lake, WI for their annual Cranberry Fest. I’m completely enamored with the festivals and happenings that small towns put on. I suppose that’s because I’m a small town girl?

It was FREEZING cold (we had snow that morning!) but we had a great time. I suspect the corn dogs, funnel cakes, and cheese curds helped. Who cares if your nose is cold when you’ve got a belly full of deep fried goodness!

How was your week? What are you reading? Satisfy my curiosity in the comments below. 

24 thoughts on “The Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 10/05/14

  1. Comment disappeared, I think, unless it has to be approved? Anyhow, as I was saying… 🙂 it's too early in the season to use the \”s\” word even if it is in a parenthetical remark. You really shouldn't swear like that. ;)Reading what you want? It's a great concept and even a greater reality…if you can figure out what you want to read, which is where I am at this week.


  2. Sorry about your comment, that happens to me way too often. LOL, that is a swear word isn't it? I don't mind the chill in the air but I'd like to enjoy autumn before winter comes blowing in!There are always too many choices! Close your eyes and point, that seems like as good a method as any, ha!


  3. Yes indeed! My fingers were numb and the walkways were so mucky and muddy! But we made the best of it and ended up having a grand time :DThis is the first time we've gone to Cran Fest in a long while. We took the kids when they were little but haven't been since. It was nice to go back.


  4. A cranberry festival sounds amazing!! I always seem to have a gig or something the day of most festivals, but I have some down time coming up – maybe I'll luck out and get to attend one or two. We have jazz festival coming up, and a martini festival, heck yeah!


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