The Relentless Mini-Bloggiesta To-Do List

It seems that the Bloggiesta event shows up just when I need it to. I don’t have any HUGE projects to tackle but there are a few tweaks I’d like to make here on ye olde blog:

  1. Update my review policy 
  2. Figure out and fix the glitch in my search gadget
  3. Blogroll…update or delete? 
  4. Cross post latest reviews on Goodreads & Amazon

There are some blog-related organizational things I’d like to get done as well:

  1. Organize my Pinterest boards
  2. Organize Twitter. Do some following and unfollowing
  3. Organize Bloglovin‘. I’m incredibly behind on reading blog posts. I need to start fresh and prioritize.
  4. Sift through friends on Goodreads, delete inactive friends
  5. Do a bit of research on making my Facebook page more engaging

It goes without saying (but I’m saying it) that I’d really like to:

  1. Visit and comment on as many blogs as I can 
  2. Meet some new-to-me bloggers
  3. Make it to the Twitter chat on Saturday night
Are you signed up for Bloggiesta? What’s one of the things you hope to accomplish?

56 thoughts on “The Relentless Mini-Bloggiesta To-Do List

  1. Wow! Your list is definitely ambitious! A lot of organizing! About removing your blogroll, personally I love looking at blogrolls, but I may be the only one. I actually click on quite a few blogroll links! I looked into revamping mine to show most recent posts, but haven't found the right WP plug-in or widget to do what I want yet. Good luck!


  2. I like your organizational list. I need to do all those things too! And tweaking is the perfect way to approach the mini Bloggiesta. Love it! Thanks for joining in the fun!


  3. Ambitious list, my friend! I'm sure you'll make oodles of progress and be all amazing, as per usual. I cleaned out my closet this weekend, so I feel like I can skip all other cleaning and organizational activities for like… The next year or something.


  4. Great goals! I'm in the same boat with several things (Bloglovin… I am SO behind on reading blogs… I just cannot keep up. And I've already prioritized into some I read more regularly and some I check in on when I can. Eeep.) I'm thinking of doing Bloggiesta, too. Just wish it wasn't on the weekend — that's my hubby-and-me time.


  5. What kind of glitch are you having with the search gadget? The search function on my blog wasn't pulling up any results (even when I KNOW there's something to pull up) so I have a new code that I can share with you.


  6. Lots of great things to work towards here! I feel like I'm forever returning to all my social media pages to clean them up, follow/unfollow, make new connections, etc. Twitter is so overwhelming for me! It seems more of an ad agency than a place to be able to connect in an organized fashion.Good luck!


  7. Good luck on your list! I've been really wanting to clean up Twitter myself, but I honestly don't even know where to begin! If you come up with any pointers, please share!!


  8. Ooooh. The big keep or delete the blogroll debate. That's a tough one.Btw, I've always thought you've done a great job with FB. I think the trick is to post things similar to what people's friends post. So you're less a business/page and more likely to interact? Dunno. FB made some stupid changes to its algorithms.


  9. That's what I'm going to have to do, prioritize the blogs I follow. It makes me a little sad because I want to read and comment on ALL of them. But, I can't.Maybe you'll be able to play along when the main Bloggiesta comes along 😀


  10. Twitter can be overwhelming! I keep changing my mind about what I want to use it for. More for my blog? Personal connections? Ack! One of these days I'll figure it out, lol. Thanks, Caitlin! Thanks for visiting too 🙂


  11. Thanks so much, Amanda :DFB changed it all up and now I'm at a loss. I don't know what works anymore. I have much fewer likes and views now 😦 It's a bummer because I used to have such great interactions there!


  12. Honestly, I think they're moving to a pay-to-play model for more views, so unless you pay (and I wouldn't), you likely won't see an increase in views. (But I've also heard that people using ads are still seeing fewer views overall.) I'm not really sure there's anything definitive that DOES work.One of the biggest flaws in the algorithm is that upvote updates with likes and comments, but that fails to consider that we may want to see posts even if we don't \”engage\” with them. (Someone mentioned this yesterday and it's true. I like seeing what's going on in my feed without liking or commenting and I don't want to like or comment in order to keep seeing stuff.)At the very least, it's a good reminder not to put all your eggs in one basket. I have FB to have it at this point, but I don't use it as much as I did. Twitter seems to be a stronger forum for the reading community.


  13. Hi! I love how you added GIFs to your post! I'll have to try that sometime. I hope I can clean up my sidebar and finally update my Review Index. If you're at the Twitter chat, I'll see you (chat you?) there!


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