The Relentless Mini-Bloggiesta To-Do List

It seems that the Bloggiesta event shows up just when I need it to. I don’t have any HUGE projects to tackle but there are a few tweaks I’d like to make here on ye olde blog:

  1. Update my review policy 
  2. Figure out and fix the glitch in my search gadget
  3. Blogroll…update or delete? 
  4. Cross post latest reviews on Goodreads & Amazon

There are some blog-related organizational things I’d like to get done as well:

  1. Organize my Pinterest boards
  2. Organize Twitter. Do some following and unfollowing
  3. Organize Bloglovin‘. I’m incredibly behind on reading blog posts. I need to start fresh and prioritize.
  4. Sift through friends on Goodreads, delete inactive friends
  5. Do a bit of research on making my Facebook page more engaging

It goes without saying (but I’m saying it) that I’d really like to:

  1. Visit and comment on as many blogs as I can 
  2. Meet some new-to-me bloggers
  3. Make it to the Twitter chat on Saturday night
Are you signed up for Bloggiesta? What’s one of the things you hope to accomplish?

56 thoughts on “The Relentless Mini-Bloggiesta To-Do List

  1. If your FB page is not engaging enough then mine is in a stupor! I love your updates- great photos and thoughts.As for the blogroll- mine is of bloggers I know and whose blog/social media I like.


  2. Thank you 🙂 I used to have so much fun with my FB page. It was so nice to engage with other readers. Now it's really difficult. FB changed things up and it stinks. Ah well, I'll keep the posts coming in the hopes that some will still see and enjoy them!


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