Captcha Challenge!


Oh Captcha, you are a conversation killing, eye straining, twisted device of the devil! Do I feel strongly about this? Yep.

I love to comment on blogs. For me, blogging is all about the connection with the book community. It’s hard to make those connections when the commenting process is hampered by the indecipherable mumbo-jumbo that is Captcha. The eye injuries, the time sucking…no thanks!

Phoebe disapproves. Strongly.

Thankfully, I’m not alone. Allison from The Book Wheel feels the same way. After much discussion in the Twitterverse, we have decided to create the CAPTCHA CHALLENGE! The challenge is three-fold.

  • Check your own blog for Captcha.

    • We have found that many people have it and don’t even realize it. To see if you have it enabled on your site, log out of your blog account and leave yourself a test comment (you can always delete it later).
  • Disable Captcha

    • Allison’s favorite alternative to Captcha is the social login (WordPress)- it gets rid of anonymous comments, lets people link their Twitter handles, and gets rid of the dreaded word and number combo.
    • Jennifer uses Blogger. While the commenting system isn’t the best she’s found that by disabling anonymous comments the spam disappears. (You can also set up comment moderation if you’d like to take it up a notch.)
  • Spread the word!

    • Grab our logo for your own post and/or grab the button! You can link up on Allison’s blog HERE! 


The Book Wheel

The Book Wheel

64 thoughts on “Captcha Challenge!

  1. You know, I think I've resigned myself to captcha. They used to really bother me, but lately I just do them. At the point I've typed out a comment, doing the captcha doesn't take too much longer. That's not to say I'm not in favor of your campaign to get rid of captcha! I'm just old and jaded 😛


  2. ESPECIALLY if I'm reading on my phone. If I knew ahead of time, I'd mark the post to comment later on my computer. As it is, I usually just get annoyed and say forget it.


  3. Brilliant! I don't know how many comments I have abandoned because of the captcha. Either I type in the wrong words/numbers and my comments disappear (of course, I didn't think of copying what I wrote) or it simply doesn't work no matter how many times I try.


  4. Joining in! Couldn't agree more. I've stopped following and commenting on many sites because I got tired of staring at the screen for 20 minutes deciphering letters from numbers


  5. I agree with most of the above. If someone's blog happens to have captcha, I won't read it anymore. Also, I'll only continue reading blogs with disqus it they are my favorite among favorites because of the emails.


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