The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley

The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication Date: June 2013
Categories: Historical, Time Travel, Romance

Two women. One mysterious relic. Separated by centuries. Nicola Marter was born with a gift so rare and dangerous, she keeps it buried deep. When she encounters a desperate woman trying to sell a small wooden carving called ?The Firebird, ? claiming it belonged to Russia’s Empress Catherine, it’s a problem. There’s no proof. But Nicola’s held the object. She knows the woman is telling the truth. Beloved by listeners as varied and adventurous as her novels, you will never forget spending time in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Susanna Kearsley’s world.

My Thoughts:

This reader has a confession to make. I didn’t want to read this book. Gasp!

Romance? Time travel? Psychic abilities? Those topics are out of my comfort zone, to put it mildly.

This WAS me.

Imagine my utter surprise when I cracked this open and actually LIKED IT.

This is me NOW!

Now wait, before you think I’ve gone ga-ga for romance let me set you straight. I could have lived without the modern love story. On the other hand, the historical relationship made me feel all swoon-y and sigh-y.

Speaking of the historical sections? The author nailed it. The research must have been intense. Kearsley doesn’t cut a single corner. Historical fiction turns my crank. This one was spinning it!

The Firebird is the 2nd book in a series but absolutely works as a stand-alone read. Hints to the past history of the characters helped with that. I could tell there was more to the story. But it wasn’t irritating or distracting.


I judged this book before I opened it and I was flat out mistaken. Β There’s a lesson in there don’t you think?

I was wrong about you Firebird! Forgive me?

Photo: Ashleigh Bonang

As a former museum curator, Susanna Kearsley brings her own passion for research and travel to her novels, weaving modern-day and historical intrigue. She won the prestigious Catherine Cookson Fiction Award for her novel Mariana, the 2010 Romantic Times Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Historical Fiction novel for The Winter Sea, was shortlisted for a 2012 RITA Award for The Rose Garden, and was a finalist for the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel from the Canadian Crime Writer’s Association for Every Secret Thing. She lives outside Toronto, Canada.

62 thoughts on “The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley

  1. Surprise – it's NOT part of a series. It is simply a companion book, so nothing is lost or gained by reading one without the other!Did you check out her website? If you want to know how much research she did, just check it out. She even has pictures of all of the sites mentioned in the book. Phenomenal.


  2. I've read a couple of Kearsley's books and enjoyed them. I'm going to have to pick this one up- I'm a sucker for a time travel romance.


  3. I've only read one of Kearsley's novels – The Rose Garden? – not sure if that's the title. It was okay, but I had some plotting problems and didn't enjoy the lovey parts so much. However, I enjoyed the history aspect as well and know how much other bloggers love her stuff so I'm willing to give her another shot!


  4. This is almost my exact reaction to this book. My review will be going up later today, but I also will be admitting that The Firebird was a pleasant surprise for me. Even the modern day romance in the book was pretty romantic and not very cheesy. Anyway, I need to save my thoughts for my review. Haha!


  5. I can understand your reluctance picking up this book. I had the same with my first Susanna Kearsley but I really love her style. It is always nice when you get to enjoy a book you did not think you would!


  6. I saw Kearsley do a panel at the historical fiction conference I was just at, and she uses genealogy as her research for her fictional characters (gives them real life relatives, etc). It is insane — no wonder her books are so loved.


  7. This is a really intriguing book, I could see it going either way, whether I'd like it or not. I may have to give it a try.


  8. I love historical fiction. but romance? not so much. it just goes to show though, I've often been surprised about how much I like something I originally thought wouldn't be my thing. Might try and pick this up and give it a read! I like being surprised :)Sophie /


  9. I have heard so much about this author but haven't yet read a book by her. I have to change that! Glad that you enjoyed this one more than you expected to.


  10. I am glad that you liked it, I've seen other reviews that weren't so positive. Oh, and I do like your review, especially the first picture πŸ™‚ PS: Aria is too cute, she is my second favourite PLL


  11. I can't wait to read this one! And the one that comes before it. I loved the one Kearsley I read. Like you, I wasn't sure I would–mostly romance? Me? No way. I ended up loving it.


  12. Damn, this review is the opposite of another review I just read for it, lol! It SOUNDS good though. I didn't realize it's part of a series either, I'd have to start at the beginning because I'm neurotic like that.


  13. Hmmmmm. Maybe. I love time travel. I enjoy historical. But sometimes the romance messes up the flow. Or the historical is inaccurate. Or the author has no clue how to add a even remotely possible scifi element. But, I digress. Glad you enjoyed it. πŸ™‚


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