Wrapping it up ~ Armchair BEA 2013

Armchair BEA? Mmm mmm good!

Despite my best intentions I didn’t post every day nor chat about every topic during the Armchair BEA. Maybe next year I’ll be better prepared? Don’t hold your breath!

The posts I did manage to write:

Introduction ~ A few things about me

Giveaway~ It’s an easy one, go enter!

Nonfiction~ Showing some love for my favorite type of book

Thanks gang, kisses!

I want to shout out a HUGE thank you to the ABEA Blog Team for hosting this event. You did a great job!Β 

I’ll be watching you.

Thanks to all of the participants I’ve added a billion (or so) books to my wishlist and found a bunch of new (to me) bloggers to stalkΒ follow.Β 

While I have you here I’d like to point out two of my little pet projects. I’ve been creating a map of the places I’ve “traveled” through books so far this year. Check it out here.

Also, I’ve created a Pinterest board for book blogs. As of now there are 128 blogs listed. I’d like to add YOU! Let me know if you’d like to be included.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you’ll consider keeping in touch!

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51 thoughts on “Wrapping it up ~ Armchair BEA 2013

  1. I didn't post everyday either – and I loved going through the links – some really motivating posts! And thanks for sharing the map – I needed some more books to add to my reading pile from Africa.Tanya PatriceGirlxoxo.com


  2. I missed one of the daily posts and next year plan to do up some posts in advance rather than the night before or the morning off πŸ™‚ I LOVE the reading map you've created! What a wonderful idea. As always, I've enjoyed your posts and look forward to visiting more in future.


  3. Same here. My intentions were to participate this year… even had it on my calendar… and just didn't have the time. I need to start writing the posts ahead of time instead of scrambling each day. Oh, but that would require planning ahead and what fun is that!?


  4. What is this \”planning ahead\” that you speak of??? πŸ˜‰ Ha! Next year I do plan on blocking off this week on my calendar so that I don't schedule reviews. I'm hoping to do some post writing in advance as well. Hoping.


  5. It's been a fun week! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your gifs on this post are cracking me up. I love the idea of a book blog Pinterest board. Would you add mine to the list? Thanks!


  6. I love the gifs, too. I don't know how to even look for those online! Something else to add to the next Bloggiesta list. I didn't have time to plan ahead or participate as much in Armchair BEA as I would have liked, but it was an incredibly busy week for me with work and family stuff. Maybe next year! I'm never too good with planning ahead, anyway, and didn't even know the ABEA schedule was posted in advance. I just saw this morning that I won a Day #1 prize, and could have had a better selection than what was left on the last day! haha But there were still some good ones left. I've really appreciated your visits and comments on my blog, during ABEA and before it, too. I don't know if I had an official ABEA cheerleader assigned, but it was fun to have so much interaction!


  7. Love your map — thinking of starting one too. Also, love the board on Pinterest. Would you add my blog, please? I'll be perusing that to find new book bloggers I've not found yet.Also, enjoyed your overview of Armchair BEA. Something to consider next time.


  8. Thanks Laurie πŸ™‚ That would be a great bloggiesta topic!I would have liked to posted something on every day for ABEA. One, I wasn't super prepared. Two, I didn't really have a lot to add to some of the topics πŸ˜‰ I hope you ended up with a good book you big winner!


  9. cool projects. I have my google map , but only for books per state: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=201901160982162230627.0004d01ff18d2f84cc232&msa=0&ll=41.874674,-87.626953&spn=0.101361,0.222988if I ever have time, I'd love to do one for my 42 countries so far visited through books.following now your Pinterest board, would love to be added [http://wordsandpeace.com]Here is my wrap-up: http://wordsandpeace.com/2013/06/02/armchair-bea-2013-wrap-up-2/


  10. I didn't post every day either, but I was happy to browse! The map of countries you've visited through books is awesome! And these are all from books read in 2013? That's fantastic! I would love to be added to the Pinterest board too! Bookish Whimsy


  11. I love the map you've done as well! I have a different map which marks off the books by country that I have visited but I like your more detailed version so you can cover the US too. I will be stalking, er visiting, this again for suggestions to read for my Around the World in 80 books challenge. Looks like you already got it covered!


  12. That's okay that you didn't post every day. We love for people to participate as much or as little as they want. Thank you so much for joining us and for all that you did get accomplished. Your projects look fantastic! Definitely keep in touch until next year!


  13. Oh! I didn't even think of how you could get book recommendations from that map. Another use, awesome! I might have to pick a favorite book from every continent, or something, at the end of this year πŸ™‚


  14. Love your Pinterest blog board! Thanks for creating it….and I'm glad you enjoyed Armchair BEA. It's not how much you participate, but what you bring to it when you do. You brought your enthusiasm….and that's awesome!


  15. Definitely following that Pinterest board! I love reading AND blog and it only recently occurred to me to start seeking out book review blogs. This is the perfect way for me to find some great ones to add to my RSS reader!


  16. Your settings map is awesome! You inspired me at the beginning of the year to do the same thing, and now I get all excited when I start a book and realize it's set in some random place…\”Yay, ADD IT TO THE MAP!!\”


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