Amazeballs April

So, I read a few books in April:

  1. Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter
  2. Eighty Days by Matthew Goodman
  3. The Longings of Wayward Girls by Karen Brown
  4. Black Venus by James MacManus
  5. The Secret Holocaust Diaries by Nonna Bannister
  6. Mary Coin by Marisa Silver
  7. The Mourning Hours by Paula Treick DeBoard
  8. The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer
  9. Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard
  10. The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers
  11. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
  12. Amity & Sorrow by Peggy Riley
  13. However Long the Night by Aimee Molloy
  14. After Visiting Friends by Michael Hainey
  15. In The Land of the Living by Austin Ratner
  16. Life After Life by Kate Atkinson
  17. City of Thieves by David Benioff
  18. Vampires in the Lemon Grove by Karen Russell
  19. Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline
  20. The Memoir Project by Marion Roach Smith
  21. The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey
  22. Garden of Stones by Sophie Littlefield*
  23. The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald*
  24. Maus by Art Spiegelman*
  25. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi*
  26. Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

* Read during Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon

I’ll be doing a Hall of Fame post in June. At that time I’ll have to pick my favorite fiction and nonfiction book for April. Right now it hurts my brain to even try. Ouch.

Wasn’t April great for readers? So many fab events! Read-a-Thons, World Book Night, yahoo!

2013 Reading Challenge
You have read 83 books toward your goal of 150 books.
Awesome, you’re 34 books (22%) ahead of schedule!

How was the month of April for you? Do you have a favorite book of the month?

Onward Readers! Let’s make May fabulous!

54 thoughts on “Amazeballs April

  1. Ok that is a lot of books πŸ™‚ My Goodreads challenge ticker keeps telling me how I'm 10 books behind the yearly goal. And my yearly goal is only 80! πŸ˜€


  2. I'm singing Alicia Keys song to you . . . \”This girl is on FFIIIIIIIRRRRRRREE!!! . . .\” Just WOW!! I was so happy the read-a-thon put me ahead too. I love how you have read books I've just purchased and am about to read! I recently purchased Beautiful Ruins (finally in paperback)after I listed to a talk radio show where it was highly recommended.


  3. I am so jealous of the number of books you read in April. It's setting the bar for my summer months! My favorite book in April was \”One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are,\” by Ann Voskamp. It was part of my search for personal change and ended up being the last of a long list, but also the best.


  4. Wow, congrats!! That's an amazing amount of books in one month πŸ™‚ I thought I was doing worse, but I'm actually on pace still for my goals, and now that the school year/concert season is winding down, I'm hopeful to get caught up (and/or ahead!) on my reading now in May. Yay! Best book I read in April was Mario Puzo's \”The Godfather.\”


  5. Wow, that's a lot of books! Great list. I didn't read as much as I had hoped in April, and I'm not sure what my favorite book was. Hmmm, probably Gaskell's North and South (I'm not sure how I missed that one until my 30s!).


  6. Wowee! I am so impressed, what a great month you had! I totally bombed with the read-a-thons, couldn't get as much done as I'd hoped. Hopefully things will settle down soon so I can get back to reading! Interview with the vampire is calling my name!


  7. Thanks Tanya πŸ˜€ I'm sorry to hear that the read-a-thons didn't go as well as you had hoped. Real life gets in the way at times (Boo!) I hope you enjoy Interview. I loved the heck out of that book when I read it!


  8. Homeschool…that must be hard but a lot of fun. And definitely explains the extra reading time πŸ™‚ By the time I've finished work, fed and got the kids in bed it doesn't leave me a whole lot of time to read. But I'm finding ways to fit extra time in πŸ™‚


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