Weekly Wrap-Up 04/08/13

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey

Hello my lovelies, I hope you had a fantastic week of reading! Here’s what I’ve been up to:

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Currently Reading:


I’m reading on a whim baby! Whatever I want, whenever I want. With that said, this one will be coming up fairly soon:
Bloggish Business:

March Wrap-Up <~~I read a few books in March. 
First Quarter Hall of Fame (I pick my favorite books from the first quarter of 2013)

I’ve started using PaperBackSwap. I signed up forever ago but Shannon from River City Reading inspired me to actually use the service. 

My Goodreads goal for the year was 125 books. I’ve just upped it to 150. I might increase my goal again at some point if I keep tearing through the books the way I have been.

I hope you’ll come hang out with me on Twitter and Facebook. It’ll be fun, I promise!

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48 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up 04/08/13

  1. Reading what you want, when you want is obviously working for you girl lol. Off to check out your thoughts on The Aviator's Wife. Have a great week and happy reading 🙂


  2. I have We Need New Names for review in May so I am glad to see you enjoyed it so much!Have a fab reading week!Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out


  3. 150 sounds alright at the rate you're going! Definitely keep your previous goals in mind, though, it'd show just how much progress you've made over the months.


  4. 150 books! That's crazy! Mine is but half that and lets just say I'm not exactly on track currently. Upping your count does seem like a good move considering the amount of books you're racing through, I'm sure you'll even surpass 150. Haha!Here's to another good week 🙂


  5. You've read 63 books so far this year?! That's amazing. I see you're enjoying the Mary Coin book so I'll probably put it on my tbr list. Enjoy your week.


  6. I like your Goodreads goal, Jennifer. I didn't set myself a target per se, but I am really really hoping I can reach 1000 reviews on my blog by the end of the year – I'm currently at 905. That's 95 books to read this year! Not sure that my chances are great, with the way I've slowed down.The Gods of Heavenly Punishment certainly looks – and sounds – appealing. Looking forward to hearing what you think. Have a great week!


  7. Wow! Great list as usual 🙂 I don't that I would have picked up The World's Strangest Librarian on my own, but you gave it such a great review that I'm going to put it on my TBR list. Also I think The Gods of Heavenly Punishment sounds like a great read!


  8. I listed 10 books and zoom! Before I knew it 8 of them were requested, lol. It's a good way to cull the shelves, that's for sure. Now, if I could only find a good use for the ARCs that are piling up around here. I send some out to other bloggers if they express an interest but they are accumulating faster than I can give them away!


  9. I love Paperbackswap! It is mostly how I've built my classroom library. I've used it so much that when my book packages' online postage falls shy, my mail lady will pay it and leave me a note for reimbursement!I am thinking of upping my Goodreads as well. I just fell short last year because I finished the year with Les Mis. However, I'm almost at 50% for this year and am planning on having a great summer in books!


  10. I love PaperBackSwap. I use it for my wish list books that come as they may so I can try to squeeze them in between my review books. I doubt I will ever read them all :)Have a great week!


  11. I need to start finding books that I want to order on Paperbackswap instead of just sending them out, lol. Then again, the last thing I need is more books 😉 But I do want to use those credits!Les Mis is a chunkster! I'm planning on reading that this year.


  12. I forgot that Mary Coin was released in March! I don't know if I should add to my giant library pile though….:)Have an awesome week, Jennifer. I hope you enjoy all of your spur of the moment reads!


  13. It's the way to go! I'm loving this willy nilly approach 😉 I do have review books that I have to get done on time but that's not really a worry. It was all the challenges and pressure I put on myself last year that did me in. I don't want blogging to change the way I read darn it 🙂


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