First Quarter Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame!

Do you know how HARD it is to pick a FAVORITE book for each month? IT’S CRAZY HARD. It hurt my brain but I did it.

I didn’t allow myself to pick re-reads. (Otherwise my picks would be obvious and I wanted to make this as difficult as possible!)


Favorite Nonfiction: The World’s Strongest Librarian by Josh Hanagarne

I haven’t reviewed either of my favorites from March yet. YET! 

Have you read any of my faves? What are your favorites for the year so far? 

36 thoughts on “First Quarter Hall of Fame

  1. I just finished \”Where'd You Go Bernadette\” last week and was very pleased. I think it might be even my best read this year. I'm excited to try out more Women's Prize longlist books 🙂


  2. I loooooooved White Dog Fell From The Sky. It was ALMOST my fave pick for February, but Indiscretion by Charles Dubow just barely eked it out.Also, good to know about The World's Strongest Librarian–I have a review copy coming up soon!


  3. I used to not read much nonfiction, but this year it's almost all I've read. Of 24 books, only 6 were fiction and only one was possible for favorite – A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. So of all those nonfiction books I read, I have a tie for favorite. And the only reason I'm allowing a tie is because they were equally life changing for me (btw, my nonfiction for the year has been mostly on change and being a better person type stuff from Christian authors. Not nonfiction story type stuff). So my favorites were \”Unglued\” and \”One Thousand Gifts.\” Both authors have blogs too, so I get to keep reading their stuff.


  4. GOOD for you for reading enough nonfic to pick a favorite… Eeek – just looked; I've only read 2 nonfiction books this year and both were in January. I must put more on the reading agenda. I actually don't have ANYTHING in mind to read next and it feels a bit free-ing.


  5. I haven't read any of your favs but I do want to read Where'd You Go, Bernadette :)I actually recently finished Around the World in 80 Days, which became an instant fav.


  6. No kidding!? Good for you! I love nonfiction so much 😀 I don't read as much of it as fiction though, I don't know why? I suppose because there aren't as many out? I love hearing that you've had life changing books, that is fantastic!


  7. Thanks 😀 I didn't read enough of them in February though. I liked Hell-Bent but it normally wouldn't have been a favorite, if that makes sense? I try to get to a decent number of nonfiction books a month. I'm reading one right now in fact ;)I'm all about reading whatever the hell I want this year and it's GREAT!


  8. My favorites have been:White Dog Fell from the SkyThe Fault in Our StarsAn Innocent, A BroadDeliriumOrdinary GraceI have been thrilled with my reading life this year thus far!


  9. With the number of books you're reading, no wonder it's difficult :p Better that way than having few to choose from, though. I've heard of the first three you've listed, and heard only good about Bernadette so in a way I'm not surprised there 🙂 So far I'm going with Bitter Greens and Saturday Night Widows.


  10. I pick my monthly favourites at the end of each year and you're right, it's ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE! I like that you did both a fiction and a non-fiction pick.I need to read Behind the Beautiful Forevers soon, I have it on my kindle.


  11. It's so difficult! There's always a few competing in my mind for that top spot. Nonfiction is the best way to learn isn't it? I (almost)always feel smarter after one of those ;)Oh yes, please do! It's wonderful


  12. This is a great idea! I pick a favorite (or two) at the end of each month, but I'm not sure I read enough non-fiction to pick a fiction and non-fiction. Perhaps that's something to work towards….Can't wait for your review of We Need New Names!


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