It’s Monday! What are you reading? 12/17/12

Found this cutie patootie graphic @ Once Upon A Twilight

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey.

Happy Monday my book loving friends! 

Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks (Brilliant read. I want to marry it) 

 On the Map by Simon Garfield (Review coming soon!)

Currently Reading:
Sharp by David Fitzpatrick 

All the Lonely People by Jess Riley
The Bookie’s Son by Andrew Goldstein
Saturday Night Widows by Becky Aickman

Other Blog Business:
I’ve joined the Readers’ Workouts. I’ve been semi-successful this week.

Want to see what my mom made me? It’s the best bookish present ever

This week was the slowest I’ve had in a long while. I’m mourning, along with the rest of the world, for the victims of the shooting that took place in Newtown, Connecticut. I can’t wrap my mind around what happened. Senseless and evil. I hope they find a way to heal. My heart hurts for everyone involved. 

34 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading? 12/17/12

  1. I'm a bit disconnected from the news and I've only been hearing the mass murder from the internet and twitter. I can't handle too much of that kind of thing and there has been a lot of it. Thank you for your lovely comments . Your blog was the only one I couldn't access from the mr. linky thing…hmmm. Anyway your mothers gift is awesome and I hope you have a great reading week!


  2. All the Lonely People sounds like a really interesting read, especially around the holidays when we spend so much time with our families. I am very close to my family, but I think family has less to do with being related and more to do with who we truly let into our lives.


  3. I had a difficult time with the shooting in Connecticut as well, it really upset me and I still can't wrap my head around it. I'm sorry to say that it really colored my whole weekend :(All the Lonely People sounds interesting, I'm going to have to look into that one a little more!


  4. I'm definitely struggling too. Between preparing for the holidays and my thoughts continuing to cycle back to Sandy Hook, reading has become relatively unimportant. SO tragic.


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