30 Day Book Challenge: Day 21

Day #21: A Guilty Pleasure Book

From the Oxford Dictionaries:

Definition of guilty pleasure 


  • something, such as a film, television programme, or piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard:everybody has a guilty pleasure—for me, it has to be mid 70s disco

Here is where I admit to being sucked in by a book that has been panned by most of my literary-minded friends: 
The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown
Go ahead, let me have it. 

11 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day 21

  1. Oh my goodness, the second I saw the dictionary link, I thought that the DICTIONARY was your guilty pleasure!! Haha! I think there are many \”worse\” (and I quote it because I enjoyed the books as well) books out there. My guilty pleasures are probably John Grisham books, and to be honest, I enjoyed the Twilight series. That doesn't mean I'll see any Twilight movies or think the books are Meyer's gift to mankind, but I think they had great morals and good story lines.


  2. \”Judgey Judgerton\” LOL, makes me think of Ross from Friends. I really enjoyed The DaVinci Code. It's been the only Dan Brown that I've read thus far. Hubby read Angels and Demons, I think he said DaVinci Code was better.


  3. I do enjoy fun books and was expecting to like the Da Vinci Code myself. I thought that this was going to be one of my guilty pleasures. What got in the way for me was having previously read Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum. The Da Vinci was just too derivative of that work. I just could not get passed that. If I had not read Eco's book I think that I would have liked Brown's novel a lot better.


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