30 Day Book Challenge: Let’s wrap this up!

Day #28: A book you wish you had never read

This could be a long list. But even the crappy books I’ve read have taught me something. However there was one book that I started that I wish I hadn’t even picked up. To be frank I wish it had never been written.Β 

It was so ultra-stupid that I read less than a page before I put it down. In disgust. Stop messing with Jane Austen, please!Β 

Day #29: An author that you completely avoid/hate/won’t read

Danielle Steel. No, just no.

Day #30: An author that you will read whatever they put out

A few authors came to mind. J.K.Rowling..but I haven’t read The Casual Vacancy yet so she doesn’t count. Ken Follett…but I haven’t read his early crime stuff so I guess he doesn’t count either? Bah. I don’t know if I’ve read the entire works of any author? (Besides dead folks that won’t be putting out any more books!)Β 

I’m going to say Rita Supetys because Between Shades of Grey was amazing, and she has a new book called Out of the Easy coming out in February and I’ll definitely be reading it.
That concludes my adventures with The 30 Day Book Challenge. It was a hoot and I hope you enjoyed the posts!

30 Day Book Challenge: Days 26 & 27

Day #26: A book I wish would be written

I want to read a book about the HISTORY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD! This would be a magical book that I could download directly into my brain of course, because wow would it be long! I love to learn. I want to know ALL THE THINGS. I hope someone is working on this book right now.
Day #27: A book I would write if I had all the resources
I would write about book about me! Seriously, don’t you think it would be ultra-fun to write a memoir? Not to sell, but to leave to future generations of my family. Is my life that interesting? Nah. But I bet the kids of the future would love to read about the olden days. You know, Β before flying cars and teleportation become commonplace.
I’ll get on that…as soon as I have all of those resources. (Peace & quiet!)