30 Day Book Challenge: Day 8

Day #8: A Unpopular Book I Believe Should be a Best-seller
I don’t know if this book is unpopular. I do know that the subject isn’t very popular. 
The Big Necessity by Rose George
I read and reviewed this a few months back. Do I think it should be required reading? I sure do. 
Besides, poop is kinda funny right? 

4 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day 8

  1. One of my favorite documentaries is on trash on like NBC or one of those type of channels. Trash is different from human waste of course, but it's always an eye opener to know what people have access to, what happens to our waste, etc. BTW, that smiley poop is an emoticon on the iPhone. I never had a use for it for real until yesterday when my friend's dog swallowed something metal and I suggested she check the poop for it!


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