30 Day Book Challenge: Day 6

30 Day Book Challenge <~~Click to check it out
Day #6: A Book That Makes You Cry
Back before my hormones settled* and I became the level headed dame that I am I used to cry at a lot more books than I do nowadays. However, in the recent past I’ve cried at 2 books. 
No, this challenge didn’t ask for 2 answers. But this is my space and I make the rules. So there.
Feel like weeping? Take a crack at either of these:
*This never happened

14 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day 6

  1. Still Alice had me prostrate..I'm a middle aged woman…similar age to Alice. The scenario in this book both frightened me and broke my heart…and Flowers for Algernon..well,I read it many years ago and later saw the film with Matthew Modine..terribly sad . Imagine in either of these stories… the hell of knowing that you are losing it, and not being able to do a darn thing about it..


  2. Crow Lake and The Time Traveller's Wife. I bawled my head off at the end of both of those books. It was not a pretty sight.


  3. I just couldn't stand it…she made every concession for the end and still couldn't manage to go the way she wanted. Oh God, it broke my heart so hard :(I've never seen the Flowers for Algernon film but I really should.


  4. Ahhhh I couldn't wait to see what category Still Alice made for you, this is a great one.I haven't heard of the other.Night Road by Kristin Hannah had me last year. Still Alice also but it was so close to home I knew it would get me.


  5. Interesting… I cry much more now that I'm older…. maybe it's because the hormones are starting to get messed up all over again! 🙂 The most recent book I've cried over was The Running Dream. Mostly because I felt for the parents in that book.


  6. Night Road, that sounds vaguely familiar to me, I'll have to look it up. Still Alice didn't hit close to home for me as it must for so many others…but it still broke my heart. I can't imagine losing someone close to me in that way. 😦


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