30 Day Book Challenge: Day 2

Source: Holly Main

30 Day Book Challenge

Day #2: Least Favorite Book

Back in the olden days I would read anything I could get my hands on. No matter how craptastic the books were I would finish them. 

Not anymore. Who has the time for a bad book? Not this gal.

My least favorite book could be any number of the time suckers that I read when I was young and didn’t have the access to great books that I have now. 

I’m going to admit to something. I’m going to tell you my shameful, shameful secret: I read Twilight.

That’s my pick. My least favorite book. Blech.

As you may notice, I’m dinkering around with my font size. <~~This seems too small, no?

16 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day 2

  1. I read Twilight multiple times and still display the entire series proudly. I do love the books. I agree with Jill that The Brothers Karamazov is rough. I'm glad I read it but not certain I would ever recommend it to others. My least favorite? The Grapes of Wrath or Gulliver's Travels.


  2. I read Twilight too. Well, listened to it on a long car ride. I think if I hadn't done an audio, it would have annoyed me too much. I tried the second one on audio, but go so annoyed at how whiny it was and just ended up reading the summaries on Wikipedia 🙂


  3. Honestly, Twilight was not terrible. But want to know what WAS terrible? Being tricked into read the adult sex-filled version of the same Twilight garbage. You may have heard of these horrific books. 50 Shades series???I shamefully admit I was tricked into reading the first two. Two, you might ask? Yes, two. I read the first and thought, well there MUST be more to the story. I suffered through the second, and realized nope. Nothing else to the story. Therefore I have probably shaved off a few hours of valuable living while reading that awful crap.


  4. LOL, whiny..that is a great word for it. Ah well, at least I did it. I feel like I can't have an opinion on something that I haven't read. Oh, except 50 Shades. I haven't read that but I have a bunch of opinions, ha ha.


  5. I listened to some guy on the internet named Alex read Twilight and make fun of it. Still painful, though.One of the Korean teachers has assigned the book to her class. Shaking my head.


  6. I call it \”tricked\” because a coworker wouldn't shut up about how amazing it was. And seriously, when I finished, I just KNEW there was so much more information in the next book, I just KNEW it! But there wasn't!!!!! It was filled with more amazing lines such as the ever-present (which isn't an exaggeration, like every other line was this): \”Don't bit your lip, you know what it does to me.\” He said that probably 100 times each book! I wanted to shoot myself. But instead, I just never picked up book 3 and have never been happier!


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