Knock it off would ya??

Annoying right?
Fix it! <~~Thanks GalleyCat!
Listen folks, when I’m reading I don’t even hear you. 
Eventually I might sense an annoying presence nearby and look up. 
By that point I’m pissed because, because SHUT UP
And they are upset because I didn’t hear them or respond in a timely manner.
I have a great idea:
Don’t Bug Me When I’m Reading!
Thank you ever so much.
Do you have any bookish pet peeves? What are they? 

21 thoughts on “Knock it off would ya??

  1. I haven't thought about it that much until now, but I would like to find a copy of that bookmark. And I guess one of my own. Do not write a story in a trilogy that could easily have been summed up in one book deal. Not only can I read well, I am sort of smart too. Pretending you have a trilogy when you just want more of my money bugs me.


  2. Love the bookmark Jennifer. Did you make it? Got to get a post it to stick on my forward like that. Maybe then people will get the hint:)laura thomas


  3. Oh this made me laugh a lot. I hate television or cinema tie-in book jackets. And lending books out and not returning them. And being interrupted while reading – this is particularly bad in my husband's family as they are all newspaper people, which is a form of reading better suited to constant interruption. But they are also all talkers, while I am more of a listener, and I realise they are managing to get their papers read while I am completely in a dither, not knowing if I dare start on the same paragraph for the nth time!!


  4. bahaha love the post and the bookmark, I want one, maybe it would keep DH from annoying me when I'm reading. I have an insane urge to call him dick head instead of dear hubby when he interrupts my reading ;)… I know, a little psychotic but it's my number one peeve LOL


  5. Oh, I so agree with you about how everyone thinks you are \”doing nothing\” when reading! Even on a plane, when you put up your book to protect you from the gabby person in the next seat, they are clueless. A sign on our foreheads, perhaps?


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