6 thoughts on “Nine Reasons To Save Public Libraries

  1. This is a great article. I must say however, to me chagrin, my local public library seems to be devoting most of its energies towards maintaing and lending a large inventory of popular DVDs instead of concentrating on maintaining and enhancing its collection of books.


  2. Jennifer, Great to \”meet\” you! I loved the article you shared and put a link to this blog post on my blog post about libraries (which I published just a few days before you! We are definitely on the same word nerd wavelength!). I'm so glad you found me and I look forward to sharing \”bookish\” thoughts with you! Have a great week! P.S. I'm also currently a small town girl, and I am familiar with Wisconsin (beer and brats, etc), as my mom's family is from Milwaukee. Where are you?


  3. Even weirder is that when I started this blog I named it Wisconsin Word Nerd. Doo doo doooo dooo (Twilight music, lol) Thanks for linking back to me! I'm going to add you to my little blogroll \”Blogs I Dig\” because I'm crushing on your site. Beer and brats and Packer football! I'm in the northern part of the state, in Hayward.


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