Gone Reading…Coupon!!

Hey Relentless Readers!

Have you heard about Gone Reading?* They sell “Brilliant Products for the Reading Lifestyle” (Where else can you get a Charles Dickens action figure??)

There are posters, t-shirts, book plates, bookends, and fragrances inspired by some of your favorite authors, wine charms for Jane Austen fans and lots more.
The best part? Gone Reading donates 100% of their after-tax profits to provide funding to libraries and reading related charities. (Such as Read Global) I love that! 
Gone Reading has does something really cool for my readers: They have created a 20% off coupon code (good for the next month) for Relentless Readers to use on their site!! Just use the code RELENTLESS20 when you check out. So, you can get some cool book swag, save a bit of cash AND help a reading charity all in one awesome swoop! 

*I’m not a paid advertiser and I’m not receiving compensation for blogging about these products. Just thought you should know that 🙂 

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