American Dervish by Ayad Akhtar

I’ve found that a book that can teach me something new is one that I’ll go gaga over. I’ll recommend it to friends and post about it on Facebook and think about it long after I’ve read the final page. American Dervish by Ayad Akhtar is that kind of book. 
It’s a coming of age tale, and yes, we’ve all read books with that theme before. What I hadn’t read before was a coming of age tale about a young Muslim growing up in the 1980s, in the Midwest.
Nina Subin/Little, Brown
The author did a great interview on NPR that you can read/and or listen to here.
I loved the Midwestern setting, I loved that the author is a Wisconsinite (me too!) and I loved learning about the Islamic faith. Mostly though I fell for young Hayat (the main character) and his story. Do read this book, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

6 thoughts on “American Dervish by Ayad Akhtar

  1. I saw this book at the library recently, and I really wanted to read it but haven't had time. Thanks for the thumbs up! I'll definitely look for it again.


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