Lit Bits 07/15/12

I’m a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell. I feel like a smarter girl after I read his work. His next book, David and Goliath is scheduled for a 2013 release! 

Remember the Jane Austen ring that was up for auction? It sold for more than 5 times it’s estimate. Whew!

3 thoughts on “Lit Bits 07/15/12

  1. What an interesting idea they came up with in Brazil. I believe that all sorts of prison systems give time of for certain types of behavior. In my opinion, for non violent prisoners only, I think that this is a great idea as reading and expanding ones thinking can be a critical component in turning a person's life around. For such the prisoner who never actually physically hurt anyone, I would be all for expanding the program to allow evan more then 48 days off a sentence.


  2. Such an interesting idea isn't it? Nothing improves a person so much as reading does, in my opinion anyway. There's a lot to be said for IMPROVING someone rather than keeping them down. But that's a whole 'nother subject!


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