Bookmobile Love

I grew up in a very small town. (Very small, 500 people small) 
Public library? Nope. 
I had stacks of my mom’s Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books. I reread those things until the spines were beyond repair. 
We had plenty of young children’s books. Little Golden, Berenstein Bears, etc. 

But when I hit a certain age this girl needed some BOOKS. Some real, heavy duty, sink your teeth into, life changing BOOKS. 

Enter my maternal grandparents and the Bookmobile! I will never forget the first time they took me. Grandpa brought a box with him and filled it up to the top. A box! Full of books! I thought it was the most fabulous thing I’d ever seen. I was inspired and drunk on the possibilities of all those books, all those words. In a van that came to my little town. 

Thank you Bookmobile. You kick ass.

5 thoughts on “Bookmobile Love

  1. We too had a bookmobile! I grew up in Eastern Long Island which was a rural area at the time. We had a \”Bookmobile\” come around to our school! It must have been second or third grade. I loved it! I do not believe that I have thought about it in decades!


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