Relentless Weekly – June 24, 2020

We’ve arrived at another weekend. Here in Wisconsin it’ll be another steamy one. Thank goddess for air conditioning and icy cold cocktails. (Made in the safety of my own kitchen because I’m not a selfish boob who hangs out in bars during a global pandemic, thank you very much!)

Here’s what has been happening in my neck of the woods –

Eating: I baked a lovely garlic parmesan salmon last night. Tonight I’ll turn the leftovers into a crust-less salmon quiche. I’m trying to steer clear of carbs. It’s the smart thing to do when one has PCOS. Also, I ordered some sugar free caramels from Tom & Jenny’s because I love myself.

Listening: My current audiobook is Dee Brown’s Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. Reading books that challenge and inform is my jam. I’m not sure how I made it through all of my 46 years without reading this particular book. I’m remedying that now.

I’m on the hunt for a fun podcast, so if you have any recommendations drop them in the comments please!

Watching: Last Tango in Halifax is the latest British comedy/drama series to steal my heart. Hooray for Netflix!

Other Stuff: We are getting closer and closer to a lifelong dream of ours. I want to talk about it here, but I’m afraid I’ll jinx the process! Hmm, let’s just say that it rhymes with… MAKE BROPERTY?

I hope you all have a weekend to write home about. Read a lovely book, take a long walk, stay socially distant, and wear a mask!

4 thoughts on “Relentless Weekly – June 24, 2020

  1. Wait, I didn’t realize you have PCOS. Me, too! Have we talked about this before and I’m just a crappy friend who forgot?!?!

    Avoiding carbs… sigh. I know I gotta do it, but pasta and bread is so delicious. 😦


    1. I think we might have talked about it, but I’m not entirely sure. Looks like we both forgot, ha ha!

      It’s hard not to have that base for food. Without bread/rice/pasta how do you hold all the delicious sauces and foodstuffs? Bummer. But wow, carbs are so bad for PCOS, so I’m doing what I gotta do!


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