Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2016 – Introduce Yourself!

Hello hello! It’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

Thanks to The Estella Society for the reboot! The original petered out right around the time I started blogging and I remember thinking, “ah crap” because it sounded so stinking fun. I’m delighted to be able to participate this time around.

It’s day one and we’ve been instructed to introduce ourselves by sharing 5 books that represent us in some way. Here are 5 books that say a little bit about little ol’ me:

Because I love books (obviously) : 

Because I work at a bookstore 
(and people definitely say weird things) :
Because I’m a Little Free Library Steward 
(are you sensing a theme?) :
Because I love to cook 
(Pioneer Woman recipes are the best) :
Because I’m obsessed with Star Trek 
(seriously, I can’t stop) :
There’s more to me, of course. I’m a mom of 3, wife, homeschool teacher, football fan, Bloody Mary aficionado, LGBT ally, and crazy cat lady. There’s more to everyone! We’re complex creatures after all. These books describe me, in a tiny nutshell kind of way.
Thanks for reading! You can always catch up with me on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook.
Now, I want to hear about you! Are you participating in BBAW? Let me know!

31 thoughts on “Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2016 – Introduce Yourself!

  1. I want to redo my post. Oh well. GREAT POST and come on down to NC – I have a Bloody Mary at a taco shop to introduce you to.


  2. This was perfect! And I love hearing about that Weird Things Customers Say…bet that would apply to libraries too. Oh my word. I could write a book about that. LOL


  3. Love your list! I've been hoping to make time for AJ Fikry for quite a while now. And I neeeeed the Pioneer Woman cookbook. Confession: I adore her recipes, but I find her website so annoyingly picture-heavy that I stopped visiting it regularly. Haha.


  4. Awesome sum up of your life in books! I love it! I need to read that Storified Life book so bad! 🙂 And yes I am participating in BBAW and it's bringing back all sorts of lovely memories from blogging days of yore! 🙂


  5. Love it! I want to be a Pioneer Woman devotee — I'm a terrible cook, but her recipes seem generally unintimidating. If a (single) person were going to buy just one of her cookbooks, which one would you recommend?


  6. Definitely I want to read AJ Fikry this year. There are so many great books about books! I can just imagine The Weird Things Customers Say in Book Shops. I should have put a cookbook on my list – that was a great idea!


  7. Great list! Now that I work at a bookstore, I should really pick up Weird Things Customers Say.P.S. I'm obsessed with Star Trek too. I went to Leonard Nimoy's last Star Trek convention appearance and met Brent Spiner & Jonathan Frakes. I only cried twice.


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