The Not Very Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 04/26/15

You would normally find my weekly wrap-up here.
I blogged some things and I cooked some stuff, and I watched some shows but yesterday was the 24 Hour Readathon and I’m EXHAUSTED.

I want to tell you about the books I read, the snacks I consumed, the way my daughter knocked her first readathon out of the park. BUT. I. CAN’T. SENTENCE. ANYMORE.

Maybe tomorrow. Zzzzz.

13 thoughts on “The Not Very Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 04/26/15

  1. I'm still trying to shake off my Twizzler high – hahaha! There may be permanent damage. You did GREAT on Saturday-Sunday and I'm so excited about your daughter's participation, too! Can't wait to hear all about it…when you've recovered. πŸ™‚


  2. This sounds like so much fun!! Saw in your previous post that you've done quite a few of these. I'd love, love, love to do one πŸ™‚ Do u know if there's another one coming up anytime soon or who might be hosting?


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