Readathon Prep: The Food

It’s time to make a giant stack of books. It’s time to plan an elaborate meal/snack/beverage menu. It’s time for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon!

When I participated in my first readathon I snacked all day. I quickly realized that an elite athlete* needs more substance than chocolate and a few grapes. I constructed actual meals for subsequent events. I’ve made crockpot lasagna, I’ve made crockpot chicken tacos, I’ve made crockpot chili. This year I have no plans to cook. My major food plan consists of sending my husband out for pizza.

I recently asked a group of bloggers what their snack plans were. Biscoff was mentioned. What is this Biscoff you speak of? I’d never tried it! I ran right to my local store and bought a jar. When I first tasted it…
Thanks Andi & Heather. I think.
Since then, I’ve been trying to save this delicious, miraculous, heavenly treat for Saturday. I’ve only dipped a spoon in a time or two. Or three. It is simply glorious and I can’t believe how long I lived without it.ย 
There will also be random pretzels, cheese, and chocolate. I should have a beer, just to say that I’ve consumed the entirety of the Wisconsin food pyramid.ย 
I should probably should eat some fruit too? Whatever.
*Ha ha ha

37 thoughts on “Readathon Prep: The Food

  1. Too bad it's not on a Friday, then you could have Fish Fry, too!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I miss it and often plan my trips back home around arriving on Friday evening)


  2. Yum! I'm getting SO excited for Saturday! I need to go to Trader Joe's and get some snacks, and am thinking that I'll go the Delivery route too, maybe Chinese or Indian food!


  3. HA! I love this, Jennifer! This will be my FIRST readathon and I have no idea what I will do; I think I've got some thinks prepped that I can eat on Saturday and I definitely have some snacks; the rotisserie chicken Linda mentioned above sounds like a great idea, too. I can't wait!


  4. Oh, yes! The food/snack part of the read-a-thon is definitely my second favourite thing ๐Ÿ™‚ I have planned to get the hubby to cook something for me for dinner, and usually I go crazy and bake a whole cake for myself (I mean, aside from the snacks!) :)Hope you have a wonderful read-a-thon, I'll be sure to pop by and cheer you on ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Thank goodness for delivery! I sure wish I had that option here. (I'm in a very small town) But I do have a husband who is willing to run for me which is the next best thing ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy readathon, Emily!


  6. Cake is one of my favorite things. In fact I was going to bake one yesterday but as it turned out I didn't have enough sugar. Sigh. (Too darn lazy to run to the store too, lol.)I hope you have a wonderful readathon too, Camilla! Thank so much ๐Ÿ˜€


  7. Oh crap – I was hoping that Biscoff was something I couldn't get here so I wouldn't have one more thing I shouldn't eat but can't resist. But oh no – it's in all of the stores! Heading out tomorrow for the foods and now I'm going to have to get me some Biscoff!


  8. So funny! I have had the Biscoff cookies on airplanes before. It comes in a spread now? That's why I can't have Nutella in my house. I'd eat the jar in a day.


  9. Waaaaaaitaminute…. THERE IS BISCOFF SPREAD?! The biscuits are my favourites. They come free in a lot of cafes here when you order a hot drink, and then I realised the supermarket sells them normally so HELLO ALL THE BISCUITS FOR ME. I'm going to investigate this spread business. *carefully adds to shopping list*Obviously I've already been talking readathonning with you everywhere else, but I can see your GIF-age during this event will be on point too. Most excellent. 18 HOURS AND COUNTING YESSSSSS.


  10. Hahah this is amazing. I got some gummy worms, but they're all gone now… I haven't eaten my cheeses/crackers yet, though. So proud of myself. About to go buy some oreos, maybe some cheez-its, then cook myself up a whole bunch of spicy noodles that I can heat up tomorrow. No way am I wasting time cooking!


  11. Oh gosh, I bought chocolates for tomorrow and gobbled them up already, lol. I'm terrible! My daughter grabbed us each a fudge covered Oreo from the local candy store today. I wish tomorrow would get here so I could eat it, ha ha.


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