It’s Monday! What are you reading? 04/13/15

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Currently Reading:

I’m re-reading Dept. of Speculation for an upcoming Socratic Salon Book Breakdown. This was one of my very favorite books last year and I’m so glad to be diving in again.


What are you reading?Β 

21 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading? 04/13/15

  1. I've got to read Dept. of Speculation; sounds too intriguing to miss! I'm currently reading Dear Carolina, a debut, by Kristy Woodson Harvey; it's great, so far. Hope you have a great day!


  2. You have some amazing books listed here! I haven't read Dept. of Speculation, so I'll miss out on the discussion. 😦 Born with Teeth really looks appealing, and that one is new to me. *tick* That's the sound of another book added to my list. *sigh*


  3. Dept of Speculation keeps popping up on blogs, but it has completely flown under the radar here in Australia. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.Since Sheila is off-blog right now I will post my Monday link here Brona's Books


  4. I just received Citizen from the library! I can't wait to start reading it. My kids loved El Deafo. Maybe I should put it in my pile for the read-a-thon. Have a good week.


  5. I'm glad that the Salon is going to tackle that book. I loved it the first time I read it and I love it even more this time. Ha ha ha, so sorry about your tbr list πŸ˜‰ (And yes, Born with Teeth was wonderful.)


  6. There's still time πŸ˜‰ We won't be discussing it until the end of the month and it's a short little thing! But if you don't have a chance to get to it now I do hope you will at some point. It's so, so good!


  7. Fantastic!! I hope you like it. Mostly, I hope I like it! I hope we're able to have a great conversation afterwards.El Deafo would be perfect for the readathon. Graphic novels are my jam on that day πŸ˜€


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