Top Ten Tuesday – Books On My Spring TBR List

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Top Ten Books On My Spring TBR List
Ah, spring. The chirping birds, the green grass, the budding trees! Okay, NONE of those things are happening here yet. I’m in Wisconsin, we won’t see spring for another couple of weeks. The snow will eventually melt and the weather will warm up. (Right?!)
When that warm weather eventually arrives I’ll probably be enjoying one of these new books:
Safekeeping by Jessamyn Hope
Orphan Number Eight by Kim van Alkemade
The Cherry Harvest by Lucy Sanna
Weightless by Sarah Bannan
Born with Teeth by Kate Mulgrew
War of the Encyclopaedists by Christopher Robinson & Gavin Kovite
The World Before Us by Aislinn Hunter
Circling the Sun by Paula McLain
What’s on your Spring TBR List?

28 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Books On My Spring TBR List

  1. Spring is springing finally here in Texas. It's about time! LOLI saw WEIGHTLESS yesterday and think it looks good. I'm also looking forward to CIRCLING THE SUN. Good luck with your list!


  2. Lots of good ones here. I'm most interested in The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes, I love a good story about an elderly person. I didn't know Kate Mulgrew had written a book, oh how I loved her on Ryan's Hope back in the day 🙂


  3. I'm from Minnesota (just going to school in Chicago), so I feel your neverending winter pains.I NEED NEED NEED Born with Teeth. Kate Mulgrew is perfect. I know very little about her, but I grew up on Star Trek Voyager. So she's like my space mom. And obviously she's great in OitNB.I'd never heard of War of the Encyclopaedists, but now I'm looking into it!


  4. I don't know anything about these books, but I love the Kate Mulgrew cover and title. I don't know much about her life. Happy reading!


  5. Yay for the World Before Us and War of the Encyclopaedists! I'm excited for both of those.You have a whole bunch of titles here I've never even heard of! I'm off to Goodreads to check them out. 🙂


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