The Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 01/11/2015

Since I last did a weekly wrap-up I posted my Best of the 2014 list and a December wrap-up.  That’s it. I can’t seem to find my writing mojo. I’d like to post more personal things, perhaps branch out into topics other than books. Maybe? My indecision and lack of focus is epic at this point.

Nom Nom Nom.

My book consumption is on the upswing and it makes me SO HAPPY. I’ve read such delightful books in the last few weeks. Will I ever actually review those books? Ha ha ha.

Reviewing vs. Socializing:
Speaking of reviews – I’d rather talk casually on social media about the books I read. (I’m noticing that trend with more than a few bloggers.) It’s a lot more rewarding to have a back and forth conversation about a book than it is to write and publish a review that doesn’t see much action.

I tried a new potato soup recipe this week that was to die for. It’s easy and cheesy, my two favorite things. (Also: BACON)

Mike & Vader…aren’t they the cutest?

We had a swell holiday season. Until my husband and youngest daughter got sick. I don’t know what is going around but it includes pink eye and it’s awful.

My son Carter passed his driving test. He’s ecstatic, I’m terrified.

Cats, apparently. The husband surprised me with another new kitten. It’s almost embarrassing. He’s the cutest thing and we’ve named him Vader. This is the absolute last one. I swear.

Trish, at Love, Laughter, and a touch of Insanity, told her readers they could ask her anything. What a great idea! I might have to give that a whirl one day.

Katie, at Words for Worms, shared a super fun bookish memory challenge.

Over at The Steadfast Reader, April shared a clear and thoughtful post on the recent happenings in the book blogosphere. It’s been difficult for everyone involved and I’m looking forward to putting the situation in my rear-view mirror.

There are some new trends in the book blogging world! (Hooray!) Michele highlights them at A Reader’s Respite.

Come hang out with me on Twitter and/or Instagram. It’ll be super! While you’re at it you might as well like my blog’s Facebook page too. I share TONS of bookish articles there.

Tell me what’s up in *your* life. What are you reading? Watching? Loving?

Stay warm & healthy, my chickadees!

35 thoughts on “The Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 01/11/2015

  1. I've decided to branch out my blog too – one of my other blogs was suffering from being ignore too much, so I am pulling the posts over to my current active blog


  2. Oh my goodness–that potato soup looks amazing!!! (And easy to veggify, which is always a plus here.) Vader is beyond adorable! Just how many kitties are you hoarding? 🙂 Hope everyone is feeling better soon!


  3. Oh Lord – I had no idea about the plagiarizing until this post. I'd missed April's original post a few days ago. And – I linked to one of AW's reviews (Cry Father) in a review I posted today! I've now removed the link and reference. Such a disappointing situation.The potato soup looks so yummy – esp the cute toppings…and the bacon!


  4. Bacon! I'm there. :)I think we're all trying to find our way in the book blogging/blogging world. I think it's all about what works for you and your readers. What's working for me is once a week, at least for now. That's helping me focus…some.


  5. I love the look of the potato soup! I think I'm going to have to try that recipe out for myself so thanks for sharing 🙂 Vader is adorable. I wish I wasn't so very allergic to cats (I sneeze if one even looks at me). I like the idea of more discussion generating topics for book blogs, too, and I'm trying to do that myself this year. But I have such a hard time coming up with unique topics. Reviews don't generate a lot of comments, and that can be disappointing if you put a lot of time and effort into your reviews (seriously, I don't know why, but preparing a book review takes me forever!).Have a great week!


  6. So many people are writing great posts this week (looking at April, Michele), and others. I'm glad your reading is on the upswing, and mine seems to be, too! Thank the Lord!


  7. Great post. 🙂 I need to try that potato soup recipe. I like the idea of virtual chats about books, since — as you said — reviews don't seem to generate a whole lot of discussion. However, I find Twitter a bit overwhelming — so many random tweets to sift through, and I don't have a good feel for how to tweet specifically to people who might want to chat about a particular book. Do you have any tips? Thanks!


  8. I can sympathize with your daughter. I have been sick for two full weeks now and in that time, I've had (a version of?) pink eye three times; it just keeps coming and going and it's driving me bonkers!!!! I feel bad for her.


  9. It was a hot mess. It was sad and sucky and blech. 😦 The soup was delish and the bacon made it even better, as it always does.Dirty Chick was…well, I don't know. I seriously did laugh out loud at times. I loved what they did with their lives. But there was something vulgar about all of the sex jokes. I'm not a prude (far from it in fact, ha ha) but it was constant and annoying.


  10. I hope you do make that soup! You might need a hairless cat, ha ha. Although, it's not actually the hair itself that bothers people, is it? Unique topics are hard to come by. I feel like I'm beating a dead horse bringing up things that have been discussed 800 times, lol. Ah yes, reviews aren't easy to write AND they don't garner much attention so it's almost like what's the point? Thank goodness for Twitter.


  11. I hope you do try the soup. It was easy enough and tasted divine 😀 I wish I were better at Twitter too. It can be hit or miss. Now and then I'll tweet that I'm reading a certain book and a great conversation will start. Other times…crickets. I'm no expert but I would say to follow people that you see having bookish conversations. I tend to not follow (or unfollow) the accounts that are only filled with self promotion. I need REAL people that chat 😀


  12. He gets cuter every day :DI do like to read reviews, sometimes. They don't seem to garner many comments though, at least here. I wish I could find a different, fun, way to review. Hmmm…time to really think about that.


  13. Oh boo 😦 You might have something bacterial going on? We were lucky and didn't end up having to get an antibiotic. I haven't had pink eye since I was a kid and I remember it being torturous. Feel better soon, girl!


  14. I'm a dog person, but your cat IS pretty cute :-)!Review-writing is still my thing because I get long-winded and want to have the floor to myself and spill all my thoughts at once. But it's not, and never will be, the only thing I do on my blog.


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