The Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 11/16/14


Blogging? What’s that? I didn’t post one single thing this week. I can’t seem to find the ambition to write reviews anymore. Hmm.


The heating element in our oven went kaput. I did whip up a batch of Spicy Touchdown Chili and some Pumpkin French Toast at the beginning of the week but since then there have been a few too many to-go meals. We’ve ordered the new part and it should be here soon.


I had professional photographs taken of my kids on Tuesday. The shoot was originally scheduled for Monday but we had a winter storm that left us with a foot of snow on that very day. The idea was to have lovely fall pictures taken. Ha ha! We ended up with a winter wonderland backdrop instead. It’s been a long time since I’ve had photos taken of them and it’s not often that I get all of my little birds in one nest. (You know how kids insist on growing up and moving away!) It was a great day.


I’ve just finished up Those Who Remain by Ruth Crocker. It’s a slim volume I decided to read as part of Nonfiction November, and I’m glad I did. Now I have to make the hard decision between reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler or Stiff by Mary Roach. I’m going to read them both but I don’t know which one to crack open first. Stiff is from the library so I should read it first…


Trish, from Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity, wrote a wonderful post about finding the beauty in ourselves. It put a lump in my throat and made me think.

It’s time for another Fellowship of the Worms readalong! I’ve already read the book that Katie picked but it’s one of those that can’t be read too many times. Go check it out, you’ll see what I mean!


I’m looking forward to the cheesy potatoes, the big pan of roasted veggies, and the baked pesto chicken that I’m going to be cooking when my oven is fixed. Yum.

I’m looking forward to the Packer game today and the new Walking Dead episode tonight.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your week! What’s up with you? What are you reading, cooking, watching, anticipating? Let me know in the comments below!

13 thoughts on “The Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 11/16/14

  1. Reading, cooking, watching, anticipating? Well, reading YOUR blog post right now. 🙂 Cooking? I'm not, but that chili looks pretty damned good right about now as cold as it's been getting. Watching? My cat as he is watching out the window. I don't know what he sees but it sure seems interesting. Anticipating? A nap this afternoon and curling up underneath a blanket with a book (don't know which one yet).


  2. Pumpkin French Toast – yes, please!!! I love all things pumpkin and french toast is one thing I haven't tried yet. I also tried to take a picture for the Xmas cards of my kids last weekend – and I should have hired a pro! I took about 80 pics and didn't get a single good one..trying to get 2 kids under 4 yrs in the same frame and turned the same direction and looking somewhat happy at the same time is murder!


  3. I'm horrible at family pictures; M is going to be three and I still don't have a professional pic of mommy, daddy, and uh baby. I only had pics taken of her once.


  4. OMG that touchdown chili looks so good! My weirdo husband (and most Texans) do not agree with beans in chili but I say yum.Hope you guys stay warm up there! We've been colder than normal down here and I'm scared for what that means for this winter. Please don't let it be like last year! And Stiff is fascinating, though Yes Please sounds great, too. And thank you for the link love. I'm SO glad that you lovlies took your time to share your beauty. xo


  5. I loved reading this post! I am cooking a lamb stew for dinner and watching football too (although my team is the Giants). And I am reading \”The Heart Has Its Reasons.\” Have a great week 🙂


  6. I can't seem to get the energy for reading these days, so I know how you feel. We only got a few inches of snow last night, but it is enough to make me realize how completely not ready for winter I am. I'm watching the Packers right now. It's been a great weekend to be a Wisconsin fan!


  7. Not too much to look forward to in the next so many days. I have 70 test to grade and by Wednesday will have 36 essays. Eh…but, I also have an easy week of lessons by chance and am hoping I get all this grading done for next week, which is THANKSGIVING BREAK! Okay, so maybe it's better than I thought.


  8. Go with Yes Please! Stiff was interesting… but Yes Please is pretty funny and also has a lot of happiness and kindness in it, which is nice. That chili looks amazing. I think I'm going to have one last bowl of my leftover chicken taco chili today… mmmm…


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