The Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 04/27/14

My 14 year old kiddo reviewed A Wrinkle in Time
The Promise by Ann Weisgarber
I can’t find my reading mojo even though I’m reading a few great things right now. Boo. I ended up reading issues 1-20 of The Walking Dead series. I’ve been meaning to get to those forever and I thought they’d be just the thing for the nonexistent attention span thing I’ve going going on lately.
Currently Reading:
I normally don’t read more than one book at a time, but one of these is a short story collection (The Heaven of Animals) and the other is nonfiction (Toms River). I’m dabbling here and there in an attempt to shake up my brain and find my book love.
Around the Blogosphere:

Katie, at Words for Worms, has selected the next book for The Fellowship of the Worms readalong! Do you read well with others? You ought to join this awesome lady in reading Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey.

Are you looking forward to the summer reading season? Rory put together a fab list of books that will be coming our way shortly.Β Ahhh, beach reading!
Other Business:

The above post doesn’t include any of the craziness of Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon that happened yesterday. (I read books, ya’ll!) I’ll update about that at another time. You can see my master post here. I had a GREAT day.

Have a fantastic week, you brilliant readers!Β 

16 thoughts on “The Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 04/27/14

  1. Thanks for the links. Going to check them out…just need to remember that is what I am doing. Took part in the read-a-thon too and my is a wee bit tired and I seem to have a case of stare at the screen. Enjoy your Sunday!


  2. Picking up comics seems like the perrrrfect way to manage a short attention span. Hope it's working! And I love your links πŸ˜‰


  3. I had the same problem the last two weeks, I was stuck in several books and nothing was really working. I finally got through it but yeah it was a bummer. Hope this week is better for reading!


  4. You bet. Just what we need, more links to look at every week πŸ˜‰ But there's such good stuff out there that deserves to be shared.It's been a couple of days since the readathon and I still feel tried. The older I get, the longer it takes to recover πŸ˜‰


  5. Thanks πŸ˜€ She did a nice job with her review. She must have a pretty good teacher! Ha ha ha ha! We've had similar books going with our little homeschoolers more than once…great minds you know πŸ˜€


  6. I haven't read any of TWD comics. They seem too crude to me. But I am reading book #1 of the Governor series (The Rise of the Governor) and liking it quite a bit.


  7. Thanks for the shoutout! I've been wanting to read TWD comics and I keep putting it off. I think I have a hangup about comics and graphic novels maybe? I don't know. Baby steps toward readerly expansion, right?


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