The Relentless Reader Went on Vacation!

You may have heard that I was recently on vacation in Florida. 
I thought I’d share a few pics and details from my fantastic family trip:
(If you haven’t seen Michael Jackson painted onto a cockroach you haven’t lived, my friend.)
We were all quite awed by this section of the Berlin Wall

I picked up this copy of A Curious Man by Neal Thompson. The cup came with it for free, yahoo!
We spent most of our time in Florida at Universal Studios
Most of our Universal time was spent at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
There’s no way to overstate the awesomeness of that place.
 Avery, Carter, Dad, & Mom
Can we talk about food for a minute? OMG. THE FOOD! 
We ate (and drank) like kings at The Three Broomsticks, The Hard Rock CafeBubba Gump Shrimp Co., Mimi’s Cafe, and more. 
Butterbeer tastes sorta like cream soda with a topping of 
melted marshmallowy ice cream that was brewed by angels. 
Yes, it’s that good.
Like true tourists we bought way too many souvenirs and goodies. 
(Avery wins the prize for the most money spent, but she’d been saving for the last year!)
We had a magical time. I’m so glad we went!
I miss the sunshine.
I miss the family time.
I miss the food.
I want to go back!

28 thoughts on “The Relentless Reader Went on Vacation!

  1. wow! It looks like a fantastic family vacation! And eww about Michael Jackson painted onto a cockroach! The food looks awesome and I've wanted to try Butterbeer myself. Great pics!


  2. Such good memories for you forever! The butter beer looks like something I would be willing to try without ever even cracking one page of Harry Potter – Ha! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Welcome back, my dear! I want sun and warmth and am insanely jealous of everyone who escaped the cold and snow for even a little bit. I'm especially envious about visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I will get there someday. I'm curious though – what type of wand did you get?!?


  4. OMG the food!!! Is that your hubby? Glad you had an amazing time. I haven't been to Orlando in years (other than for work conference) but I look forward to taking our kids one day. I'm sure Universal has changed SO much since then. I think Jurassic Park was the big movie out last time I went. Eeep!


  5. I love all the pictures! It looks like you and the fam had a fabulous time! And I'm guessing I've never lived because I've definitely never seen a cockroach painted like anything. You have a beautiful family!! Thanks for sharing these. P.S. Isn't the return from a wonderful vacation the worst?! Lol.


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