The Bear by Claire Cameron

Publication Date: February 11, 2014

A powerful suspense story narrated by a young girl who must fend for herself and her little brother after a brutal bear attackΒ 

While camping with her family on a remote island, five-year-old Anna awakes in the night to the sound of her mother screaming. A rogue black bear, three hundred pounds of fury, is attacking the family’s campsite — and pouncing on her parents as prey.

At her dying mother’s faint urging, Anna manages to get her brother into the family’s canoe and paddle away. But when the canoe runs aground on the edge of the woods, the sister and brother must battle hunger, the elements, and a wilderness alive with danger. Lost and completely alone, they find that their only hope resides in Anna’s heartbreaking love for her family, and her struggle to be brave when nothing in her world seems safe anymore.

This is a story with a small narrator and a big heart. Cameron gracefully plumbs Anna’s young perspective on family, responsibility, and hope, charting both a tragically premature loss of innocence and a startling evolution as Anna reasons through the impossible situations that confront her.Β 

Lean and confident, and told in the innocent and honest voice of a five-year-old, THE BEAR is a transporting tale of loss — but also a poignant and surprisingly funny adventure about love and the raw instincts that enable us to survive.

My Giffy Thoughts:

What is happening?!

No no no. Please, no!!
Please get these kids out of this awful situation!
I can’t take much more!
Why do I read these types of books?!
It’s over. Thank goodness.
I need a vacation. Like, now.

40 thoughts on “The Bear by Claire Cameron

  1. That cover design does not seem to represent what the novel is about. I was thinking it would turn out to be a light, friendly story about a friendly bear. Or not. Still, I quite fancy it…Love the gifs!


  2. I also want to know if you thought it was worth the read. I would normally avoid this kind of book, but I keep hearing good things about The Bear. I wonder if I need to face my own fears about reading about kids in scary situations.


  3. Omg, this review cracked me up! I definitely don't know if I can read it — sounds exhausting and stressful! (But sometimes I like that kind of thing.) So torn!


  4. Hahahaha!! I am not sure laughing is appropriate, given the situation these poor children are subjected to but your reaction to it all…priceless. I could not read such a book! Sorry!


  5. Haha! What a great post. I saw mention of this book somewhere. I wish I could remember where. I blame work. I blame the toddler. I blame my husband. No not really. I blame my lack of sleep. Anyway, this sounds like quite a scary book!


  6. The GIFs are so appropriate. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to handle the book before, during, and after. It is emotional and difficult, but man was it a good book. It's also the reason why I refuse to go camping.


  7. Oof, sounds like this book is too stressful for me, but I'll live vicariously through your GIFs. I'm also not too keen on very young narrators — very few novels seem to get it right and have it not come off as just a gimmick.


  8. I remember skipping over this on NG because of the synopsis. I cannot read about a five year, a baby brother, and a bear. I'd never take my five year old and his baby brother camping again. ;)But quite possibly best review ever…


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