25 thoughts on “Mea Culpa

  1. Oh, I am so with you there! I cannot possibly keep up! I try to check out at least one or two posts a week from all the blogs I follow, but reading all of them is proving impossible. It's either cut back on how many posts I read, or eliminate some of the blogs, and I'd rather do the former.


  2. You are too funny! We all do it, are doing it…the books pile up, reviews waiting to be written, and yet, we all do our best to support other bloggers. It's okay πŸ˜€ Just good to know that you are human after all…;)


  3. Don't worry about it, Jennifer! We all understand, there are so many great blogs out there, it is hard to keep up. The best thing is to ignore the posts you missed and start fresh. πŸ™‚ Kind regards,


  4. I should have done the same – after about a week without the internet my blog reader was somewhere close to 300 and I've been slowly working my way through it this weekend at work, which has totally hindered my reading time.I get the internet turned on in the new apartment tomorrow, thank goodness.


  5. This actually makes me feel better. You're the queen of commenting, it's good to hear that even the best can't do it all! You're still one of my favorite people on the planet!


  6. We all do something every now and then. Otherwise we wouldn't survive. In fact, I've just spent the morning reading my favs (note I'm reading yours!) and marking others all read. It happens. Not to worry your pretty little head about it another minute! (Even if you are a Packers fan.)


  7. Yes, don't feel bad. I'm in the same boat and feel like I'm commenting on blogs backwards (if that makes any sense). P.S. Go Packers!


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