Ass Kicking August ~ Monthly Wrap-Up

  1. Whistling Past the Graveyard by Susan Crandall
  2. Necessary Errors by Caleb Crain
  3. The Wicked Girls by Alex Marwood
  4. Pastrix by Nadia Bolz-Weber*
  5. Let Him Go by Larry Watson
  6. Little Century by Anna Keesey
  7. The Kings and Queens of Roam by Daniel Wallace
  8. Son of a Gun by Justin St. Germain*
  9. Cartwheel by Jennifer duBois
  10. Washing Cars & Wasting Time by John C. Oliva*
  11. The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes
  12. Beyond the Pale by Elana Dykewomon
  13. The Affairs of Others by Amy Grace Loyd
  14. Five Days at Memorial by Sheri Fink*
  15. Wolverine Cirque by Joseph Olshan
  16. The Wedding Gift by Marlen Suyapa Bodden
  17. Songs of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford
Another fabulous month! Woo Hoo! 
You can see my reviews by clicking on the links. Most of the books I read in the latter part of the month will be reviewed in the near future. 
I’m so ready for September. Bring it on!
How was your month? I hope it was grand! 

51 thoughts on “Ass Kicking August ~ Monthly Wrap-Up

  1. Looking forward to your review of number 11 and 16. You had a good month, like always!! I read max 4 books a month *hides face*I hope that in September you will read only 4 too 😉 and maybe Les Mis will help with that 😉 You can tackle The Count of Monte Cristo while you're at it (reading lenghty books)


  2. I'm interested to see what you thought of Five Days at Memorial. It sounds like a very heartbreaking story.Congrats on an awesome August and here's hoping for a super September! (I have an alliteration problem…)


  3. I read 3 novellas and 4 books this month. Not that much, but I've been very busy at work and I've been on vacation, so I think it's okay. You did a very good job reading so much! 🙂


  4. Woo boy! Impressive! I have to confess I haven't even HEARD of most of your list, much less read them. I'm finally reading The Engagements by Courtney Sullivan, which I guess everyone else read a long time ago!


  5. Congratulations on a great August! Interesting list. My August was only so-so in terms of reading (I just wasn't a huge fan of anything I read). I'm hoping September will be better! I'm reading mostly non-fiction this week (What Makes a Hero? and The Book of Immortality).


  6. I don't think you sleep! 🙂 A great list of reads for August! I just read your review of Cain's Necessary Errors and think I would enjoy this one. I haven't read a novel set in Prague that I can recall so this would be a nice little journey. Thanks for sharing! I am looking forward to your September reading list.Happy Reading,Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate


  7. Seriously, every month I think I've had an excellent reading month and then I come over and you just put me to shame. Amazing! Have a brilliant September too, I'm ready to have a good month 🙂


  8. Wow congrats, you really did rock it! I'm envious too. Can't wait to see what you tackle in September as well as Les Mis. That book is so intimidating!


  9. We read the same number of books in August! *high five*Although you read a lot more non-fiction than me, I think… and I read more graphic novels… but I was busy getting ready to move and stuff so I still count it as a win 😉


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