Pssst…want to win a stack of books?

Then today is your lucky day!

See that lovely stack of books pictured above? Β (The Silent Wife, The Affairs of Others, Let Him Go, and The Girl You Left Behind) I’m giving them away to one lucky reader. I might even throw a bonus book or two in the box, I’m cool like that.

I’m hosting this giveaway over at Books, Tea & Me. Thanks to Laura for letting me take over her space!

I solemnly swear that this will be one of the easiest giveaways you’ve ever entered.

23 thoughts on “Pssst…want to win a stack of books?

  1. I just went over and entered. I just purged like 200 books because I'm about to move, so why not now start piling em back up??? Lol.Thanks for the giveaway Jen!


  2. Hi Jennifer,You haven't mentioned, but I supposed it is only open to US, right?Just in case ;)Anyway, it's so kind of you to give away books to your readers!


  3. I just entered and I'm laughing at the comment about drowning in books. I am, too. I probably shouldn't enter drawings but I do now limit myself to those that involve at least one book already on my wish list to avoid being the greediest girl on the block (if you saw my home library, you'd say I'm failing). Love the simplicity of signing up! I usually skip drawings that involve handsprings and the sacrifice of your first child and all that.


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