Weekly Wrap-Up 04/22/13

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey

Another snowy week. You guys, I don’t even mind winter most of the time. But this? This is getting ridiculous. 

Considering the tragic events of the past week the weather is certainly the least of my concerns. But no negativity my little chickadees! I won’t allow it here. This is our safe, sweet, reading place.

There’s a lot of bookish goodness to talk about today. Let’s steam ahead!


The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

The Clover House by Henriette Lazaridis Power

However Long the Night by Aimee Molloy

Amity & Sorrow by Peggy Riley



Your guess is as good as mine! Perhaps this? 

Or this? 

Bloggish Business:

World Book Night is on this coming Tuesday, yahoo! I picked up my box of books from Redbery Books and I’m very excited to give them all away. (I’m giving The Handmaid’s Tale) Please click on the link to learn more about this event. 

Upcoming blog events to look forward to:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Saturday, April 27
Monday, May 27 – Sunday, June 2, 2013

Be sure to click the links above to sign up/register/get the info

Have a beautiful week!

58 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up 04/22/13

  1. I want to read Vampires in the Lemon Grove!!! I don't know why I haven't yet. Lol. I am giving away books for World Book Night as well – The Lightning Thief. :)And I am crossing my fingers that you guys are done with snow!


  2. Spring seems to have arrived finally here in the Netherlands, so I hope it will come to you as well, after a certain point, snow is getting irritating!You have quite some challanges ahead, so good luck with all those. Have a great week, kind regards


  3. Always enjoy the motivation of Dewey's!and yes, BEA! anticipaaaation…thinking I've had so much snow this year – including all day today!that I'd probably intentionally avoid the Snow Child!!EnJoy your week's reading!


  4. Perhaps with all the snow you are still experiencing, The Snow Child isn't the best book to read. Haha. Plus, Orphan Train looks pretty interesting. Enjoy World Book Night 🙂


  5. The Snow Child certainly seems in keeping with this weather change.I have picked up, and failed to get into, The Handmaid's Tale before. Is it one of those books which kicks in/gets addictive 100 or so pages in?


  6. I was hoping this would be the year that I'd finally take part in a readathon, but nope, the date's not working out for me…! Too many things happening! Have fun with your books.


  7. Lemon Grove is chockfull of quirky tales, it's a hoot :)I still haven't decided where I'm going to be giving the books away. I had better decide soon since the event is tomorrow!!Guess what? Winter storm tonight…up to ELEVEN INCHES of snow. Eeek.


  8. O.M.G. how awful!! Well lets see..you could pretend you are Laura Ingalls, and do things like make sugar snow or whatever. :(I am giving my books away at the boys and girls club program at our school. There are just enough books for every student that attends. 🙂


  9. Snow! That sucks. We're finally, finally, getting spring weather here in Toronto, and not a moment too soon as these winters really wear me down! I'm always interested in seeing what you're reading, Jennifer, cos we seem to share tastes in some areas and you often seem to be reading books I want/plan to read or get me interested in them. I got Amity & Sorrow and In the Land From the Living from Netgalley and plan on reading them next month. I've got a couple of Karen Russell books on my shelves still to read, oh and I'm looking forward to reading Kate Atkinson's new book Life After Life! Others I'll have to look into.And thanks for posting the link for Armchair BEA – I always miss it, every year, but I'd really like to participate this year.


  10. I think The Interestings sounds really good! From the descriptions it sounds like you can't go wrong with either Orphan Train or The Snow Child! I put them both on my TBR list!


  11. The Snow Child, but then I'm biased because I loved it. That said it'd fit your weather (sorry to hear about that, it's crazy!) I've not read it, but know it''s good, so yay for The Handmaid's Tale!


  12. I have a book titled Life After Life but it's by a different author: Jill McCorkle. I'm so surprised they have 2 books coming out in the same year with the same title. Orphan Train looks interesting to me. Let us know how it is!Your weather sounds crazy.


  13. Vampires in the Lemon Grove by Karen Russell has really tempted me – multiple times. But the short story aspect has deterred me. Maybe it would help with my time issues though. Happy Reading!!!


  14. I'm hoping to get to Life After Life soon, that darn pile is just way too big right now. I also noticed I have The Interestings coming in for me at the library. How exciting that you get to give away The Handmaid's Tale! There are only two required reading books from high school that I enjoyed and it is one of them!


  15. We do seem to have similar tastes don't we? I always love finding another blogger with excellent taste in books, ha ha ;)If you have Russell's Swamplandia lying around drop everything else and read it! Quick! LOL! Seriously though, loved that book.This will be my first time participating in Armchair BEA. I'm looking forward to it. Hope to \”see you\” there 😉


  16. I'm better about reading short story collections now. I used to stay away from them because I'd rather read something longer that I can sink into. BUT I've found some good collections since I started blogging/paying attention to other blogger's recommendations. 🙂


  17. You know what's strange? I'm finding that I actually slow down when I'm reading short stories. I don't like to zoom from one story to the next because my tired little brain becomes confused. I have to let the previous story settle and fade a bit before I can read the next. Does that make any sense? 😉


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